Nutrition Hacks!


I created a few polls on Instagram to see exactly what you all need help with. Nutrition hacks was one of the highest in demand! Honestly i am so excited about that, this is one of my FAVORITE things to talk about!

We all know I’m all about having your cake and eating it too. Life without champagne and sweet potato fries is just not a life that I’m willing to live, and you shouldn’t either. This is why this part of the lifestyle is SO important to me.

So my biggest nutrition hacks, take it or leave it!

  1. Ingredient swaps

This is my number one for a reason. Making simple ingredient swaps to “healthify” your favorite less than nutritious meals helps to keep you feeling your best, in line with your goals and most importantly mentally sane. Going months and months with deprivation and restriction is the perfect recipe for a rebound.

I make all of my favorite meals, from summertime sweet treats to winter hearty casseroles in a healthier way. Many of these traditional recipes are laden with too much cheese, cream, sugar or other unnecessary ingredients. After eating in a way that fuels your mind, body and soul for a period of time, these less than nutritious meals actually sound less and less appealing. When my clients get to the point of “I actually don’t even want it anymore” I know I have done my job well. Of course we all love Grandma’s casserole in the dead of winter or an ice cream sunday in July. There is a sort of nostalgia related to these. Nine times out of ten I would rather have my “healthified” version, and I promise you will too! Healthy does not mean no taste!

There are SO many healthified recipe creators out there. Some of my favorites are:

Rachaels Good Eats

Ambitious Kitchen

Kelly Leveque

Nutrition Stripped

Oh She Glows


  1. Quit the inner gremlin cravings

The reason we get cravings, are constantly tired, stress eat, emotionally eat, eat our feelings, can’t stop thinking about chocolate, need the name it is because we are not properly fuelling the body. The body will ALWAYS win which is why deprivation and restriction only work for a period of time and therefore are not worth it. The body knows exactly what it needs at all times and that is exactly what it tells you. Over the years we have been conditioned to ignore our body’s signals thanks to diet culture. This is something my clients and I go heavy with, it is the true way success will be yours and stay yours. This is very specific to each individual which is why my clients and I spend a few weeks on this. BUT for starters, make sure you are getting each of the macronutrients (protein, fat, carbohydrate (fiber)) as well as a vegetable in each meal! For more on this, my 21 day Step by Step guide will show you a good starting poin t to portion each. Coming to you the first week of September!

  1. Just eat the damn oreo

Like I said, restriction and deprivation are the perfect recipe for a rebound. Now if you work with me, follow me, talk to me, are associated with me and my approach at all...REBOUNDS AREN’T WELCOME!!! Nope, nah girl you’re gonna lose those extra pounds, feel your absolute best, create your ideal life and KEEP IT ALL! None of this yo-yo nonsense. Which is why I encourage to eat the damn oreo every once in a while. Like I said in number one, when you continually fuel your body with what it needs in a way that tastes great to you, I promise you the ice cream and donut cravings will stop. But sometimes, a Saturday night trip to the ice cream store with your children is just fun. This doesn’t mean it needs to be every day. It’s a balance. If it’s been a while, you’ve been feeling great and consistent and your body is responding well (i.e. cravings aren’t very prevalent anymore) then you’re body can totally handle a moose tracks in a cone. Eat the damn thing. It’s life, not a contest. It’s a marathon not a sprint. In my 21 day Step by Step Guide I actually have designated days where the day’s action step is to eat a portion size of fries, or a donut or whatever the heck tickles your fancy. I’ve been there done that got the shirt when it comes to willpower, resisting and saying no time and time again. The verdict? You’re not doing that. End of story.

There you have it. I hope this is helpful for you! LEt me know in the comments if you love it, want more, or want a different sort of nutrition hack!