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Diana Matuszak About Me Sustainable Balanced Nutrition Lifestyle Hacks

hey, you.

WelCOME! I’m so happy to have you

Here, you’ll find sustainable balanced nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle hacks to find the most confident and happy version of you, from the inside out. I take the guesswork out of it to help you find the fun in health, fitness, and wellness.

There is so much mixed advice floating around, from no carb, no fat, no fun diets to six pack abs in six minutes. It’s easy to get confused. I get it, I was stuck, confused, and unhappy for years unable to find my way out.

I find that so many women are looking for results quick that they jump on the train straight to burnout by eliminating much of the happiness in their lives to achieve their dream body. What I’m here to show you is that by adding more happiness to everyday life, applying simple guidelines to balanced nutrition catered to you, and finding a workout routine you adore (yes, it exists!) is the secret to living a thriving life with a kick ass bod, radiating vibrance from the inside out.

It is truly remarkable how much life opens up after we are beaming with the confidence, happiness, and self love that comes along with a balanced healthy lifestyle.


My Story


I’m Diana Matuszak (soon to be Hansen!) and I know that my unique health journey was used for the purpose of giving me the experience of every side of “unhealthy” and “unbalanced” so that I could better serve others on their own journey to a balanced healthy lifestyle. At ten years old I was diagnosed insulin resistance syndrome, high blood sugar, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Through high school I learned how to manage these and became a normal healthy teenager and fierce athlete. Fast forward to gaining the freshman 15 in college and trying to lose the weight after the fact.

I thought that the way to my dream body was to cut out any “unclean” foods, from sugar, to alcohol, to fats and nearly everything in between. I developed a fear of food which led to years of the restricting and binging roller coaster, lost touch with my body, and lost any ounce of self confidence I had. Trying to abide by all “healthy rules” in magazines and on social media I’d developed an obsessed monster inside of me. I lost myself, all for a body I never really found. After a wake up call I knew I needed to find balance with food, and love and appreciation for my body. I began to find my way out. Through incredible amounts of inner mindset work, along with researching credible nutrition and fitness, I discovered a new perspective. I fell in love with sustainable nutrition, learning to feed my body to sustain a confident body, but also enjoy foods I love without restriction or rules. It was then that I knew that I was created to contribute to this world by helping people discover a balanced healthy lifestyle, a love for exercise and wellness, and live by the words of Gigi herself, “Eat clean, stay fit, have a burger to stay sane.”

While working my day job as a licensed CPA for a large public accounting firm, I worked morning and night to become a certified holistic health coach. I said sayonara to my cushy secure corporate job to follow my passion and purpose by beginning my coaching practice and lifestyle brand from the ground up. Moving on to earn my Masters in Transformational Mindset Coaching I have found my purpose in life - to help YOU find YOUR best health, confidence, and happiness.

Diana Matuszak About Me My Method Balanced Health and Wellness

my method

Health is not one size fits all, but finding yours CAN be easy!

Finding true balanced health and wellness requires up-leveling every area of life - health, relationships, career, finances, spirituality. If one is out of whack, something else probably is too. Finding healthy balance creates more joy in every single aspect of life, you deserve to experience that!

With a sustainable approach of balanced nutrition guidelines tailored to you, a healthy workout routine, and taking the words “I can’t have that” out of your vocabulary, you’re well on your way to finding the your best confidence, health, and life.

Insider secret: I don’t even let you say no to things you really want like ice cream, pizza, or wine nights! Cheers to finding the healthiest, happiest, most confident version of you!


Fun Facts About Me


Favorite Food

sweet potato fries, paninis + roasted brussel sprouts

Favorite Travel Destination

anywhere with a beach

Favorite Workout

lifting with a bit of high intensity interval training

Favorite Drink

champagne, a French 77, or Diet Coke on a hot day

Where am I?

New Mexico, awaiting our next move

Random Fact

I’m in love with Disney World