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Create your dream life
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Diana Matuszak Health Coach About Diana Sustainable Balanced Nutrition

welcome, friend!

Here, you’ll find sustainable balanced nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle hacks to find the most confident and happy version of you, from the inside out. I take the guesswork out of it to help you find the fun in health, fitness, and wellness.

I find that so many women are looking for results quick that they jump on the train straight to burnout by eliminating much of the happiness in their lives to achieve their dream body. What I’m here to show you is that by adding more happiness to everyday life, applying simple guidelines to balanced nutrition catered to you, and finding a workout routine you adore (yes, it exists!) is the secret to living a thriving life with a kick ass bod, radiating vibrance from the inside out.


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food + Fitness Assessment

Confused about why you’re eating healthy and working out but aren’t seeing results? Just looking for a simple answer of food + fitness action steps to follow that are tailored to you, your goals, and your lifestyle? This one’s for you! We’ll evaluate your current habits and routine, up-level where need be, and get you on your way to your best confidence, happiness, and life!


My signature program to create transformation inside and out. Ditch the negativity train by saying goodbye to habits not serving and creating new and improved ones to create your best body, body image, and confidence.


In this self-paced course learn to see through the fog of the ever-saturating diet advice out there. Discover simple, actionable, and easy to follow guidelines to find what balanced nutrition looks like for your body and lifestyle.