The DO’s and DONT’s to see results FAST

“I’m not losing weight. I’m getting rid of it. I have no intention of finding it again.” I love that quote so much! This is what I am truly ALL about.

Mostly because I tried absolutely every wrong way out there to lose weight. My diet history is a long one. So there was plenty of time to mess up.


Every single piece of content I put out there is to help you burn that fat, never to be found again! When I work with clients privately I make it clear that this is not the quick fix, but the quickest route to lasting results.

Make the habits easier to create and more fun to keep, so the older bad ones naturally fall away. One day at a time.

So I thought I’d help you out with a few do’s and don’ts in terms of food, workouts and habits to bring the results that LAST as quickly as possible.


  • Get clear on why you started.

    • This should always be step number one. For many people it starts with aesthetics. But it sure as heck doesn’t end there. Why do you want to be stronger? Why do you want that new and improved body? What will having that give you that you don’t already have?

      • Confidence? To date again? To ask for a raise?

      • Energy? To do better at work? To play with your kids? To hangout with friends? To do what you love after work?

      • Longevity? Because disease runs in your family and you’re not going to succumb to that nor let your children?

      • To prove to yourself that you’re a damn queen and deserve the best life ever?

    • Whatever it is. Continually ask yourself why you want each answer until you find the big gulp. “Your why should make you cry.”

  • Community

    • We aren’t meant to do it alone. Surround yourself with people who support you and encourage you. Maybe they’re working on the same things, or maybe they believe in you so much they start to live the life with you.

    • Whether it’s the community at your Orange Theory or CycleBar, or an online community through social media. Find your tribe and love them hard.

    • Looking for community? I’ve got you! Email me, join the Balanced and Beautiful FaceBook community!

  • Have a plan

    • Have you ever heard the saying “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” Well, I partly believe in that.

    • Structure is 100% necessary. Notice I said structure, not rigidity or strictness. Your plan should allow for flexibility because as we all know life happens. Sometimes that 6a.m. workout needs to be moved to lunchtime. Or that prepped lunch needs to be put in the freezer because hubby surprised you today.

    • Same goes for workouts. On Sunday look at your schedule and pencil in the times you’re going to workout or classes you’re going to participate in.

    • For a step by step plan click here and join the 21 Day Balanced and Beautiful Guidebook and Workout Plan!


    • Knowledge is power. We’ve become so obsessed with dieting because it tells exactly what to do, without teaching you why you’re doing it. So the diet ends, you have know idea how to continue eating healthy without the rigidity and here comes all of the weight back and then some.

    • My greatest advice is to look for mentors who teach you WHY to do certain things. A mentor should help you learn how certain foods work well with your body or foods that don’t work well with your body. Learn what different foods do FOR you. Learn to eat for energy or a better mood or optimal fat loss.

      • Pro tip. If someone says “never eat _____ again.” They are not a mentor to follow. Nothing should forever be out of the question (unless there is an intolerance of some sort). For experimental purposes? Sure. To help re-regulate your body? For a short while sure. But never “never.”

  • Have fun

    • The whole point of getting healthier is to make life that much better! The process to get you there should be just as fun as the end result.

    • There is a teaching in entrepreneurship that says something along the lines of the idea that to get to where you want to be, you need to live as if you’re already there. So that way, when you get results using that method you get to keep them! Aka if you don’t see yourself being keto for the rest of your life, don’t try to lose 30 pounds on the keto diet.

    • ALSO! Actually have fun. Don’t stop going out to dinner with your friends if that’s something you look forward to every week. Don’t say no to Sunday morning pancakes with the hubby if that is a highlight of your week. Look for healthier alternatives when appropriate, otherwise understand that one night of less than nutritious is not going to derail you. But rather keep your mind healthy as ever.

    • Okay one more. With my private clients we always begin with what went well. We set the mood for positivity and progression. We make better decisions, have more confidence and get more excited about the things we’re doing when we focus on the positive. So if you’re having fun while you’re doing it, you’re sure to make the process that much easier and quicker by continuously choosing self-serving (as opposed to those that bring defeat, guilt or shame) decisions!

  • Ask for help

    • Again. We are not meant to do it alone. If you knew the best things to do you probably would have done them all by now. Further, if you knew how to finally actually follow through with all of the things you know to do, you’d absolutely have your results by now! This is where habits come in. I am working on a blog to help with healthy habits, but in the meantime look at your daily routine. What are the good habits? What are the bad? How can you add just one more good habit to your day? Maybe it’s a morning routine of visualizing your ideal day, making your schedule with your top 3 priorities, or not hitting snooze so you actually make that morning workout? Focus on adding the good.


  • Obsess

    • This is hard. The saying “extremes are easy, balance is hard” is all too real to me. I am a very Type A personality and hard working person (as I know so many of you are too!) so not doing something 150% seems weird. This is where the DO of have more fun comes into play. Make sure you’re having fun and are happy. If you notice yourself stressing about food or getting overwhelmed because you can’t workout as many times as you wanted to, take a step back. One day at a time. I am so passionate about this aspect. If you struggle with this, please reach out to me. It doesn’t have to be that way.

  • Give yourself ultimatums

    • It’s become way too dang popular to say things like “When I lose 20 pounds I’ll _______.” Or “We can go on a mini vacation if I finally lose 15 pounds.” “If I have this donut I have to workout an extra hour tomorrow.” “If I have a beer I need to not take that rest day today.” “I can't eat lunch out with everyone if I’m going to eat dessert tonight.” It doesn’t even matter what the saying is, stop doing it. It only creates punishment and negativity. Remember how I said to always focus on the positive? This is not it!

  • Heavily restrict

    • Yes, a caloric deficit is needed to lose weight. But there comes a point when your body starts to fight. It’s called “survival mode” where your body thinks you’re actually starving, so it begins to store fat for energy. If you're exhausted, frequently crabby, weak or easily irritable, you may be restricting too much.

    • Same goes for workout out too much. Your body produces more cortisol (the stress hormone) because it’s worn out and beat up. Hours of working out a day is NOT needed for weight loss. You can workout for 30 minutes a day and be incredibly successful!

  • Do what you hate

    • This one doesn’t need an explanation. See how so much of it is centered around positivity and happiness?!

  • Quick Fix

    • We live in a world where we want results NOW, so we do absolutely anything to get them. In reality, anything that creates large amounts of weight loss in a short period of time is extremely detrimental to your health and well being and only sets you up for a larger rebound. Remember what I said about survival mode? Instead of thinking “I’m going to lose 30 pounds for my wedding.” Think “I want to feel my absolute best on my wedding day and live married life the healthiest version of myself so that I can always put my best foot forward.”

There you have it, a few quick tips to get you going in the right direction. You've got this girl!!