Date Night Ideas

When Tyler and I got engaged and began to prepare for marriage we agreed that we wanted to create a list of “rules” to abide by in our marriage going forward. Some of these rules include:

  • Never arguing or fighting after 9:30pm

  • Never threatening the D word

  • Opening conversation as soon as we’re frustrated, annoyed, angry at each other instead of letting it bottle up

  • Promising to never stop dating each other

Dating keeps the relationship new and exciting. To me, it’s a great way to add adventure to a long and loving relationship.

I thought I’d share a few date night ideas if the old netflix and chill is getting old for you too!

I’m not going to lie, my dream date is hopping on a private plane, flying to the nearest city, having a fabulous fancy dinner full of champagne and appetizers, and flying home. Hey babe? Did you hear that? Okay good. Just kidding! Kind of...that would be amazing.

Anywho, back to the date ideas!

I wanted to come up with a few for every budget, outside of going out to dinner. From free to a bit extravagant, you’re sure to find something you love!  

  1. Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is becoming quite the popular activity these days. I’ve noticed more and more wine bars popping up here in Orlando (see my favorite spot here) and I’ve noticed the trend in other cities I’ve visited this year. Or, if you live in wine country, even better! Although in that case I’m sure this is not very unique of an idea for you! Wine tasting is a great way to relax, enjoy each other’s company and try something new together. Pro tip: check groupon for deals. 

  1. Play Chef

One of my favorite dates that Tyler and I have done so far is pulling out one of the cookbooks and cooking a full meal from scratch. We’re talking appetizer, entree, dessert, and even a cocktail. I’m going to be honest, the cocktail was disgusting. But it made for such a fun and cozy night. We made shrimp risotto, so it was something neither of us had made before. Highly recommend!

  1. Kayaking/Paddle Boarding/Skiing

If you’re an active couple, taking your adventure outdoors is always fun. Dates don’t have to be indoors with food, they can be a little adventure! But I must admit, my favorite way to do it is to link it to breakfast or lunch at a cute little cafe. On to number 4! Pro tip: check groupon for deals. 

  1. Morning walk in the park and brunch

I do love going out to dinner, but I must say finding a cute local breakfast or lunch cafe is even more fun in my eyes. Heading out to a local park or even just around the neighborhood, going for a good long walk on the weekend is a great way to get outdoors but have plenty of time to just talk to each other. It sounds a bit crazy, but we go through life so fast these days. Finding time to slow down and just talk is so important. And of course, brunch and lunch are always the best way to close it out!

  1. Staycation

Last year, Tyler and I took a weekend and booked a fun hotel in our hometown. It’s easy to get caught up in plans with friends, family, or running errands. Planning a night and day and a half or so is such a fun way to keep it exciting. We stayed in the hotel the whole time. We used their gym, went to the breakfast cafe, went in the outdoor pool (during the snowy winter!). It’s a fun way to vacation without the airfare. Pro tip: check groupon for deals.

  1. Weekend Getaway

Or, add in the airfare! Or gas fare I suppose. Throughout Tyler’s and my long distance relationship, one of the ways we’ve kept it a tad easier is by travelling. Read more about how we made our LDR work here. From flying to meet each other to just driving to a nearby town. Either way is fun. We’ve done day trips as well as full on weekend trips. A big city, a small town with a tubing river, there are plenty of options! Get creative, whats a nearby town with something special? Pro tip: check groupon for deals 

  1. Game Night

Alright, movies are great, but does anyone else miss family game night?! I used to LOVE playing games. And I am very competitive...very. Watch out T. Break out the old games like mancala, Uno, Monopoly and you’re sure to have a night of laughs!

  1. Wine and Forts

Okay this may not be for everyone. But if you can’t tell, I love to keep things fun and full of laughs! Breaking out a bottle of vino, and making a fort out of bed sheets? I’m sorry but that sounds like a blast. This has been on my idea list for years but we have yet to do it. You bet your buttons when we move in together in January this is definitely happening! Bring in the computer for a little movie? It sounds too fun!

  1. Shooting

Growing up in Northern Michigan, this is super common. It’s so fun too. You can do it any time of year. You can go to a target practice facility or to a designated area outdoors for skeet shooting. And if you’ve never done it, it’s something new for the both of you!

  1. Sports!

This summer T and I went golfing a few times and it has become some of my favorite memories! Like I said, active dates are my favorite. So tennis, mini golf, basketball, pick up a new sport! A little friendly competition never hurt anyone. And, you know what’s next. You see this coming. Add on a fun brunch or lunch! Either homemade or at a cute local cafe, it’s my favorite way to spend a morning!

I hope you enjoy these ideas! I may need to do a Date Night 2.0 in the future. I’m full of ideas! And I also just realized this is titled date night but only like two are for night catch my drift!!

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