What is it?

Life without dessert is not a life I am willing to live, and you shouldn’t feel like you need to either! In this self-paced course learn to see through the fog of the ever-saturating diet advice out there. Discover simple, actionable, and easy to follow guidelines to find what balanced nutrition looks like for your body and lifestyle.

With the use of weekly training videos, multiple guides, cheat sheets, and trackers (healthified alcohol options, habit tracker, 30 recipe ebook, and SO much more) you will acquire the nutrition knowledge and tools to create your best healthy lifestyle without having to say no to wine and cheese (or whatever avocados your toast). Learn fitness science basics to help you create a workout program for your goals that you LOVE and stick to with ease. Discover lifestyle habits to make a balanced healthy lifestyle EASY and FUN for you in your life.

This program isn’t a “get fit for summer” program, but rather, get fit for LIFE! Finally, make the changes you desire, and keep them.

Is this for me?

This is highly recommended for you if you are not quite ready to take the plunge with private coaching, yet desire to learn the tools and basics necessary to achieve the body, health, and happiness you’ve been working toward. This is the ultimate balance guide for anyone looking to create their best body, acquire endless energy, indulge & see results, tell cravings who's boss, live happier, be more productive, and sustain the results you will achieve.

What’s included?

  • Macros 101 & how to use them to your advantage (no counting required!)

  • Why the blood sugar roller coaster might be the reason you're craving donuts on the regular or wanting coffee through an IV every afternoon - and how to fix that!

  • How to indulge in a balanced and healthy way so that you can eat everything you love and never feel deprived.

  • Show cravings who's boss! And crave healthier.

  • Learn how what's on your plate in life (work, stress, etc.) is effecting what's on your dinner plate - and what to do about it, finding more happiness in every day.

  • How to get your most confident body FOR LIFE! And become the very best version of you, inside and out, in the process.

–the investment in you:

This e-Course is $247

Breakthrough Session

Price: $75 (45 minutes)

Private coaching session via phone or zoom meeting to breakthrough where you’re feeling stuck. Feeling like you’re on the verge of success but can’t quite pinpoint what’s holding you back? Whether it’s nutrition, exercise, habit, or mindset, we can cover it here! Special investment rate for Thrive members!