Your New Reading List

I’ve always had a love for reading, but in the past few years my love for reading personal growth books has absolutely FLOORED. These books have helped bring more confidence, inspiration and happiness into my life. Kind of like a new perspective on where I am at this time in my life, how much there really is to be thankful for and how close my ultimate dreams and goals really can be.

The final two are more personal growth yet health focused books. For those who love this as much as me or are looking for a little more inspiration and appreciation for nutrition and its role in a thriving life, these are for you!!

  1. You are A Badass

All about owning yourself, your personality, your personal life path and how to make the most out of this one life we are so lucky to have! Click here to purchase.

  1. The Universe Has Your Back

A fears to faith centered book. This book helped me grow stronger in my own spirituality. Because of this book my faith and comfort in my own personal life path has grown immensely. Click here to purchase.

  1. May Cause Miracles

A 40 day step by step guidebook to releasing your limiting beliefs and becoming your best self. Click here to purchase.

  1. How to Win Friends and Influence People

A must read for all entrepreneurs, managers, leaders or team members. A timeless classic that is a must read for those looking to be successful and make an impact in the world. Click here to purchase.

  1. The Body Book

One of my favorite health and wellness books to date. All about appreciating our bodies, how to work WITH it and appreciate it in every single stage. Click here to purchase.

  1. Nourish

A recipe, nutrition based book by one of my favorite leaders in the health and wellness business. If you need a little recipe inspiration with science backed recipes...this one is for you! Click here to purchase.

I hope you enjoy! Let me know what your favorite was. :)