Why I'm working to change the way the world views healthy


Again, I'm usually positive polly. But I want you to know me and the struggles I've seen.

Another portion of my story, circa mid-college years. Also a major reason I'm working so hard to change the way the world views healthy. Because I know how prevalent difficulties like these are, and I wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy.

All I wanted to do was lose weight.

I’d gained about 20 pounds my freshman year of college (even though I swore I wouldn’t be one of those people).

So it all started with me wanting to just get back to the way that I was before college. I felt good then, I loved my own skin and I was confident.

I knew to lose weight I just needed to eat healthy and exercise often. But I wanted to know the BEST way to do so. What was the BEST way of eating? The BEST exercise routine? The BEST foods to eat for fat loss?

So I spent hours looking at pinterest finding all of the “best” information. Which led me to things like…

Stop eating bread.

Stop eating processed foods.

Stop eating fried foods.

Don’t have too much fat.

Dairy is bad for you.

Fruit has too much sugar, watch out for bananas.

But everyone saying these things had a rock hard body, so I figured they knew. So I did it.

I lost those 20 pounds and then some. Pounds I didn’t need to lose.

I lost even more of my confidence.

I lost friends and my sense of self.

But I was losing weight, and that’s what I wanted right?

I even had an old boyfriend tell me he liked it when he could see my hip bones. I do not know or even think he knew the significance of that statement to a fragile mind, I do not blame him. But it goes to show the impact of one's words. If hip bones are good, I should strive for you to see more bones right?...

It soon got so extreme that the only fruit I would eat was blueberries because they were the only ones the gurus said are okay.

I remember taking a bite of an apple and quickly throwing it away because I just couldn’t have that many carbs and that much sugar as a snack.

This is just a small part of my story.

But I’m telling it because I know there are people out there, a lot of them actually, who are experiencing the same thing. And I want them to know that this is NOT the only way.

There is hope.

I found it.

I know you can too.

It all starts with forgiving yourself. And growing to learn that food is not what makes you fat.

You CAN enjoy life again.

If this sounds at all familiar...reach out to me. Let’s have a private coaching conversation to help you see through the fog. Let me show you the way out. Click here to schedule and stop living in this terrible cycle.