Wake Up An Hour Earlier To Live An Hour Longer

Be a functioning human being before 8a.m.? Actually have time to get ready for work, remember to eat breakfast and lock the door? What? People do that? It’s true! Shocking isn’t it!

In all seriousness I used to be the BIGGEST offender of “sleep as long as possible.” The freshman year of college version of myself would set an alarm for 15 minutes before class started (10a.m. I might add), brush my teeth and off I went.

I was soon forced to become a morning person and I’ll never look back. It’s truly changed my outlook and motivation in life, and it will for you to0.

Here are a few benefits of setting the alarm at least an hour earlier in the morning:

  • Productivity is sure to increase when you're not on a mad rush out the door to sit in traffic and sprint into the office with beading sweat just to make it there on time.

  • A few household tasks on the to-do list can finally get that check mark next to them....any others out there who procrastinate doing the dishes? Worst. Chore. Ever.

  • The day is set up on the right foot. Regardless of how yesterday went, today is a new day, tell yourself how today will be better, and have time to get things in order so you're guaranteed a happy and productive day (even on a Monday).

  • That workout can be scheduled in with no excuses. Get the endorphins running and be able to have the freedom of doing something with friends after work, make a delicious and nutritious dinner, or watch netflix...that's fun too.

Now you're probably thinking "Well that all sounds great but how do I actually make waking up early a reality?" Have no fear, Diana is here! Here are a few tactics that have helped me go from snoozing and losing to rising and shining:

  1. Quit the snooze game. Snoozed sleep isn’t good sleep anymore, so why do it? Quit this habit by placing your phone in an area that forces you to get up to turn the alarm off. At this point, you’re already up and out of bed, might as well get the day going right?

  2. Break a sweat. The endorphins are real! Not only does it help you get the day off on the right foot (literally), but it helps you start the day on a positive note! The endorphins from exercise help keep you in a positive mood all day, not to mention become much more productive and alert during your workday.

  3. Baby steps. Really not a morning person right now? That’s okay! Take it one small step at a time. For the next week set your alarm for 10 minutes earlier, and increase it by 10 more minutes each day. For example, if you normally wake up at 7:30a.m., on Monday make it 7:20a.m., Tuesday 7:10a.m., and so forth! You’ll be rising with the sun in no time!

  4. Prepare for tomorrow, tonight. Make a nightly routine to get out your workout clothes and set your shoes next to your bed. That way you’re mind will say “Hey you, we’re supposed to go break a sweat, you should put those shoes and workout clothes on!” Along with that, set out your clothes for the next day, and prepare tomorrow’s lunch. Create a double whammy and make a two serving dinner so you can save half for lunch! I also love to make my breakfast the night before. My favorite is overnight oatmeal, recipe coming soon! That tip turned into about 4 tips...but you get the gist.

  5. Have an attitude of gratitude. When you wake up, try to put yourself in a positive mood for the day. Angry you have to wake up early to go to work all day? What about thinking about how lucky you are to have that job? Catch my drift? Create a “gratitude” journal and each morning write down 5 things you’re grateful for that day. It’s amazing how happy you can become by focusing on all the beautiful things already in your life!

And there you have it folks!  Now go set those alarms so you can see the beautiful sunrise.