Travel Series - Maui

MY TOP TIP: DON’T GO WHEN THERE’S A HURRICANE. EXTREME STRESS AND OVERWHELM MAY OCCUR Lol. Yep. There hasn’t been a hurricane in the Hawaiian since about 1992 if my research serves me correctly.

So when do T and I go to Maui? During the next hurricane, precisely.

Anywho, we had so much fun I can’t even begin to tell you. But I will.

I wanted to put together a little travel guide for those of you going there any time soon of my favorite activities, restaurants (mostly restaurants because I do love new restaurants), and must-dos!


Boogy boarding. If anything you’ll get to watch your adult significant other ride around with the 7 year olds getting thrown onto the beach by the swells looking like a beached whale. Entertainment for you and everyone sitting around you.

Snorkelling. Swim with nemo, dory and squirt!!

The beach in front of our resort at Honua Kai was honestly just as good as going out on a catamaran cruise to the coves and bays. If you have the opportunity to rent snorkel gear, head out into the beach you’re at and explore!

Molokini is also a must do. We saw the same fish as those in front of the resort, but Molokini itself is such a cool sight to see. Not to mention the Catamaran had a water slide and who doesn’t love a good water slide?!  

Crater Sunrise. Just a warning, it’s only about 30 degrees fahrenheit at the top, so come prepared! It is also a very popular thing to do, so be sure to reserve your parking spot at before you drive up. If you arrive by about 5a.m. you will be there in time to watch it go from pitch black to full sunrise. I wish we’d known about the opportunity to bike down, but we didn’t know about it until we saw others doing it! If you’re up for the adventure (and very windy roads with no guardrails) give it a try for me!!


Sunset cruise. Alright. Hurricane Lane decided to not let us go on our sunset cruise! BUT. Tyler went on one the last time he was there and he said it is definitely a must do. There are plenty of companies to go through so there are plenty of options. A sunset from anywhere in Maui is beautiful let alone a catamaran.


Road to Hana. Our plans were a black sand beach and waterfall hike. Last time I checked driving on a cliffside road in the middle of a hurricane is ill-advised. Looks like you’re going to have to trust me on this one!

Relax. Sit on your chair. Drink a passion fruit martini and go for a swim (maybe in reverse order though). Read a book. Don’t think. It’s fabulous.

Old Lahaina Luau. A luau in Hawaii is absolutely a must do. After visiting Hawaii multiple times, this is still something I look forward to! The tradition is beautiful. The Old Lahaina Luau is the oldest luau in Hawaii which makes it special. The food here is amazing. Ask for Special K as your server. Get a “Special K” drink. I promise, you won’t regret it. It’s guava limey and delicious without all the juicy sugar.


Purchase a wood carving. These are available at Luau’s and in a few select art stores on the island. Tyler and I always look for something for our home on vacation that is unique to the area. These wood carvings were too beautiful to pass up. We bought a hook (a traditional symbol of family and prosperity in Maui) and watched the artist engrave it. I love creating memories with items like this around the house.


Kapalua Bay.

This is a very small and secluded beach. The perfect way to do it is to come just before sunset and watch from the beach, then head to Merrimans right on the bay for dinner.



This was one of my favorites. It is a high end farm to table restaurant right next to the beach. One of the best meals I have ever had. View the menu here.


Lahaina Fish Co.

Very much so like Pacific’O but downtown Lahaina situated on a balcony over the water. Pro tip: if you’re celebrating an engagement or anniversary the seat you at the “Kiss Table” which is the best table in the house! Not to mention they had dijon mustard roasted brussel sprouts. I would fly back to Hawaii just for that!! In the perfect location to do some shopping downtown in the local shops before or after. View the menu here.


Koa 156

We came for breakfast after watching the sunrise form the top of the crater. Paired with a coffee from the “Cafe Cafe” just a block away and also the butest coffee shop I’ve ever been in. They have coffee ice cubes! Too cute. The menu for lunch and dinner at Koa also looked delicious. Being downtown Lahaina, it is also situated on a balcony right over the water. View the menu here.



If you go to Kapalua Bay to watch the sunset definitely head to Merrimans for dinner. The food is delicious but the view and atmosphere is priceless. View the menu here.


Mama’s Fish house

Mama’s Fish House is amazing. Not only is it great food, but it is also an experience. The menu lists who caught the fish, where it was caught and most were caught the morning of. Plus the setting is amazing, right on the beach with a view of sunset in a traditional polynesian building. My favorite! View the menu here.

The tip top don’t miss items:

Mama’s Fish House

Watch your grown man fiance boogy board. It’s the funniest thing you’ll ever see next to goats screaming like humans. Don’t have a fiance who wants to boogy board? Find someone else’s adult hubby/partner amongst the seven year olds out there come flying up to the top of the beach. Priceless.


I’m sure that something from Road to Hana would be in this section as well but T and I need to go back when there’s no hurricanes so we can do that part. Listen to the locals! Go!!!