Tip Top Tip to Eat Well

I haven’t heard me say it the 5,345,678.3 times I’ve already said it before then I’ll say it again. Every single piece of content I put out there is to help you clear up the fog and make creating your dream health, body, mindset and confidence as easy as possible. The number one thing you can do to create a better healthy lifestyle is tweak your diet.

And by diet I mean thing things you eat and drink...not a diet in the sense of keto, paleo, whatever the heck the new thing is. The simpler the better in my eyes.

So my number one tip to eat well is...drum roll please!


Yep, that’s it.


Until you make a habit out of reading labels and being invested in the things that are actually in the items you consume and understand the nutrition facts, eating well will be confusing and difficult.

BUT. When you focus on adding more of the good instead of focusing on taking away, it becomes much more sustainable.

To take it one step further, understand the different macro and micro nutrients and what they can do for you. If you haven’t yet, read my post about it here.  Double whammy? You’ll beat cravings at the same time!!

Okay, so back to ingredients and reading food labels. The faster your food goes from the earth (or living) to your mouth the better. If your food went through a factory, double check that ingredients list.

The reason eating real whole foods is so important is because of how far the U.S. has gone in altering our food supply. Regulations allow food companies to turn food into not so much of a food way too easily.

You see, your body is busy focusing on keeping you alive and thriving. When you’re in homeostasis (in balance) your mood is elevated, you have lasting energy, and you’re at a healthy weight for your body and shape. The body reaches homeostasis using the foods we eat.

Your body uses macro and micronutrients to do this, but it cannot use chemicals. So your body is like “hmm, not sure what this is, guess I’ll store it for later.” Aka accumulation of fat, inflammation and just not good.

Similarly, when we are filling our bodies with too much of the wrong thing (most of the time hidden sugars), our blood sugar becomes so out of whack that soon we are in a hormonal imbalance as well. In simple terms, this turns into “hormonal hunger” that sends signals to the brain that you need food, turning on hunger, when in reality your hormones are just out of whack and food is actually not needed yet. Again, in simple terms aiding in fat accumulation.

So when we eat real whole foods in proper balance and portion size...we thrive!

Ingredients are listed on packages in order of prevalence. So, if sugar is in the top three ingredients, that means it is one of the top three most abundant ingredients in that food item. Many foods you wouldn’t even think contain sugar actually do. For example, bacon, lunch meat, nut butter, spreads.

Take a look at that ingredients list. Can you pronounce each of the ingredients? Or do they look like they were created in a chemical lab? Are most of the ingredients real whole foods? Good! Is sugar listed when you wouldn’t think it should be? Not so good.

My challenge to you is to make a habit out of looking at your ingredients lists! Understand what is in the food you eat, and even better what it does for you.

This, my friends, is the recipe for success! Remember, it is about BALANCE not perfection. I am all about eating your veggies with your donut every once in a while. 80/20. Focus on real whole foods MOST of the time and you will be consistent and thrive. 

When I work with my private clients we dive into specifics. How do certain foods work for you? What feels good when you eat it what makes you feel like a beached whale with bloat for days? Do you do better with more protein? Maybe higher fat? Everyone is different, this is where the trial and error comes in. If you’re looking for the motivation to make success inevitable, take the guesswork out of it and have someone guide you, click here and let’s see if a coaching relationship together is best pathway to success!!