The Top 5 Healthy Habits

To go from knowing what to do to get the results you desire, to actually achieving those results, habits need to be either created or shifted to be successful. So here are my top 5 healthy habits you can start doing today!

  1. Routine

There are 3 areas of routine that I think are the most helpful.

  1. Morning - A morning routine should have the elements that set you up for a positive and productive day. Common routines of highly successful people include rising early, either meditation, journaling, devotions, affirmations or a combination of these. The idea is that you visualize the day you would like to have and set yourself up to have that day. Click here to read my blog post all about morning routines and their power.

  2. Evening - Evening routines can be short and sweet. My favorite is the quick habit of writing down what went well? What can you improve tomorrow? Further, I also like to take a look at tomorrow’s schedule and set myself up for success. Is it an early morning? Do I need to make breakfast and lunch the night before? Should I set out my workout clothes for that early workout?

Another part of my evening routine I’ve become a stickler about is never leaving dirty dishes in the sink at night. It’s like taking away one thing from the to-do list for tomorrow.

Lastly, going to bed around the same time every night is so helpful for quality sleep, waking up easier and letting the body rest and recover through the night.

  1. Sunday

I love Sunday routines. “A sunday well spent brings a week of content.” In my opinion, Sunday routines should be short. I love to look at the week, schedule out workouts, meals, work and errands so that everything gets done easily. That is the gist of my Sunday routine! But also making a routine of having FUN on Sunday Funday is a sure way to bring a happy and postivie week.

  1. What’s the root?

This one is a bit different than just creating routine. This is what I focus heavily on with my clients when stress, overwhelm, emotion and schedule get in the way of following through with a healthy lifestyle. Generally, the reason we ae not successful in creating a happy healthy lifestyle is because some area of life is lacking, so we try to cover it up with food, strict exercise, manipulating food or something along these lines.

My challenge to you is to really get honest with yourself with each of these areas of life:

  • Health

  • Career

  • Finances

  • Relationships

  • Spirituality

Is one of these areas lacking? What are two simple things you can do to improve these areas of life?

Maybe relationships are lacking. So at night you’re lonely and cover it up with popcorn. Maybe you’re stressed at work because you are unhappy in your position, so the stress is temporarily covered up with snacks. Feel that this is what is going on but can’t quite see what it is or how to get out? Click here and let’s have a conversation about it so you can finally start living your healthiest, most abundant life.

  1. Affirmations and Vision Board

Affirmations are short phrases or sayings that exemplifying the person you are working so hard to become. For example, “I am strong, vibrant and glowing. Eating healthy is natural for me and love the person I am becoming,” “I am strong, confidence and happy,” “creating my dream life is easy and fun.” And a vision board is a board where you put up pictures that elicit strong emotions from you. Whether it’s truly pictures, words or quotes, they all mean something deep to you and act as motivation to continue working toward your goals. Put these both in a place where you see them multiple times every single day and truly believe them. It’s amazing how the mind finds ways to make affirmations and things on your vision board your reality.

  1. 3x3x3

This is a favorite of mine! It’s a healthy habit that I started earlier this year. The weeks or days when I follow through with this I am accomplished, productive and efficient. The days I don’t are a whirlwind! 3x3x3 means you list out your top 3 priorities for the day, the week, and the month. I do this for my day (work, errands, social life, health) but doing this for just your health is incredibly helpful as well. You could write down your top 3 priorities in terms of food, exercise and self care for each day and be sure to follow through with each! It’s an easy way to make reaching your goals much simpler by breaking it down to daily tasks.

5. Happiness

Okay okay, I know happiness isn't a habit. But creating habits that include HAPPINESS in every single day is a sure fire way to bring success bountifully and quickly. Every single day I make sure to do at least 3 things that bring me happiness. I have a note in my phone titled "happiness list" and every day I make it a point to do at least 3 things on that list. Make one of your own and create this habit too! Here is my happiness list to give you an example:

  • Walking

  • Workouts

  • Disney (perks of living in Orlando)

  • Calling Mom, Dad or Tyler

  • Going out to eat

  • Cooking a fun dinner

  • Pinterest

  • Movies

  • Reading

  • Bubble baths

  • Face Masks