The Power of a Morning Routine

Do you have a morning routine? I never used to. But this year I made the commitment. I was tired of seeing every successful person I knew talking about their morning routine and how it was life changing.

I was like “seriously can it really be that helpful?”

But what was there to lose? So that was a “New Year’s Resolution” of mine. It took a lot of practice to make it a habit. Sometimes I missed it, other days I rushed through it to check that box off of my to-do list.

But standing here today six months into the year I can absolutely say I understand the hype and no longer think of it as one of those “woo-woo” crazy people things.

And I know for a fact it can do the same for you. It can be that missing link that takes you from being successful all morning and falling “off track” in the afternoon, or doing great during the week and losing motivation and momentum on the weekends. It is that powerful.

If you’re skeptical I don’t blame you, I was skeptical for four years until I made the commitment to myself to try it. Try it on. See how it works. Now I ask that of you today. Just try it on. See what it brings. You might find yourself more motivated, organized, happy, emotionally clear and that extra weight just might fall off.

Here is a glimpse into my morning routine:

Wake up and make my bed (kind of like a first check off of the to-do list to satisfy my type A personality)

Go to the gym

ACV and hot lemon water

Devotional, journaling


Start my day

Journaling can look different on everyone. What works for me is writing down what comes to mind when I read my devotional. Then, writing what my ideal day would look like today (from priorities to activities to food to emotions). In that I usually move into how that could create my ideal life so that I am working towards it daily. Often times some limiting beliefs or fears come up. Jot those down. And I always end with 5-10 affirmations.

I feel the power of journaling is powerful enough for it’s own post, so be on the lookout for that if that is something you’re interested in.

That routine act of doing things that bring my to my highest vibe, happiest most productive self EVERY DAY helps to create that ideal life for that day that I journaled about.

The endorphins and energy from the workout carry over all day.

Six months into 2018 I can honestly say I am the happiest, most productive, most positive version of myself I have ever been.

Try it out. How could this improve your days and your life? Your meal habits? Your bad habits? Instilling good habits? Becoming a happier more stress free version of yourself?

If there’s one thing you could do, just try it on. No matter how you feel about it now. It just might be a simple act that gets you from point A to point D.