Six States, Three Days

If you know me, you know that after about one hour and seventeen and a half minutes I CANNOT sit anymore. I just cannot.So sister friends, I am proud as HECK that I made it through this car ride with only eleven potty breaks and zero “are we there yet’s”.

Day one:

First off, my angel of a mother and God send of an uncle volunteered to make this trek with me, mostly out of pity for me in the first leg. You see, from Florida through Alabama and into Mississippi it would’ve been me driving the U-Haul by myself until I got to T. Can you picture me driving a U-Haul truck with my car trailered behind it? I can totally picture it and it looks like me never changing lanes or taking a left turn – it just doesn’t work.

Day one consisted of me, Mother, and Uncle Jeff squeezed into the three front seats of the U-Haul, of which the renters failed to mention that U-Hauls are loud as HECK and the radio doesn’t go loud enough to be heard over the sound of all of the cars rushing past you while you’re pedal to the metal going 65. Friends, I am totally sarcastic and a jokester so if you can’t tell through the computer that this is a playful spin on our reality…well it’s a playful spin on the reality of this trip!!


Day one was super easy. Orlando to Columbus Mississippi was a breeze!

Day two:

Day two was not spent in the car. Day two consisted of Uncle Jeff and Tyler rearranging the extensive amount of stuff I didn’t really realize that I had acquired over the years in order to fit Tyler’s five square foot area of belongings we actually planned on throwing away by the time we got there. Including…drum roll please…a deer head. Yep. How on earth does one make a furry, scary looking, real deer head chic? Naturally, I went to my IG fam and asked for all the suggestions I could get. My favorites:

  • Throw it away

  • Hang your purses on it

  • Paint it gold and hang lights on it

Friends. I am all about T’s trophies being hung up. But the previously alive ones need to be saved for the man-cave we don’t have yet. Queue crying laughy face.

But I digress. We did in fact fit all of our stuff into the U-Haul. Ready for day two on the road!

974493CF-B6CA-451D-B677-E401CB99F997-768x1024 (1).jpeg

Day three:

Day three is really day two on the road. Well, kind of. We went about four hours the night before to Monroe, Louisiana. Which, if you don’t know where that is, it is, in fact, the home of Duck Dynasty. The perfect start to day two in the car would have been a trip to the Duck Dynasty gift shop, but they didn’t open until an hour after we wanted to leave. Not meant to be!

We ended up driving from Monroe, Louisiana to Hobbs, New Mexico. Y’all, that is ten hours on the road. Ten. Hours. Do you know how long Texas is? Do you know what the west side of Texas looks like?

*tumble weed blows across the road*

The last four hours we passed…nothing. A dessert, sand, and like, one other car. But honestly it was so fun! I actually kind of love change. I know that’s not the norm, but I love adventure (like new things adventure…not four wheeling over cliffs and rocks type of adventure). This felt like the beginning of a brand new age of life getting to see a different part of the country I’d never seen before. Although, I can’t lie, a big part of me hoped that our final destination would have a couple more things than sand and tumbleweeds.

Upon reaching Hobbs, what did we do? Find tacos, duh. Tia Juana’s was our restaurant of choice, as well as the rest of town because, well, it was the only one. BUT. Hot tortilla chips and homemade tortillas is actually my love language so, Mama was happy as heck.


Day Four:

Day three in the car! Only four hours left from Hobbs, New Mexico to Alamogordo! This was where the magic started to happen. We drove an hour to Carlsbad, New Mexico to visit a National Park I’ve wanted to visit since I was in fourth grade after doing a project on it. Carlsbad Caverns National Park was seriously break taking. 750 feet below ground we were surrounded by caverns you think only exist in movies. Pictures don’t do it justice, but I’ll include some here:


It took us two hours to walk to the bottom and walk all around the mile and a half loop of further dark holes, minerals creating beautiful pointy thingys that I don’t know what to call in a prettier way. If you’re ever around the area, you have to make a trip to Carlsbad Caverns.

The rest of the drive we were driving through the mountains to the valley where Alamogordo is located.

Serious question, how do people live literally hours away from a grocery store? Like wow.

We reached Alamogordo, found our storage garage, and hotel, and hit up the finest taco joint in town...again.

Day Five:

After the not as fun adventures of looking for furniture for our future townhome, we ventured out to Holloman Air Force Base for a lay of the land, and drove another 5 minutes (literally!!) to White Sands National Monument.  Only minutes away from base and 15 away from town, it’s amazing that this exists so close. It looks and feels like a completely different world.

Again, pictures don’t do it justice, but I’ll include a few here:


I can already tell you that our 10ish months here will be packed FULL of outdoor hikes and trips. There is so much to do around here that is quite literally the opposite of Orlando, FL.

Stay tuned for more tacos, mountains, and maybe an embarrassing story of me trying to ski in the months ahead.