Productivity at it’s finest

“Don’t be busy, just be productive.” Ever feel like you’re a busy bee all day and when evening time hits you ask yourself, “What on this beautiful earth did I even accomplish today?”

Yep, I know me too. Been there, done that!

BUT creating these productivity rules has made SUCH a difference in my daily accomplishments, ultimately helping me improve my work life balance (major improvement for me). So I want to share them with you in hopes that you too feel this improvement!

  1. Start small

The first thing that I do every single day is make my bed. It’s true! It helps set the tone for my honesty to myself in getting things done. It also helps for those of you who are like me and feel so accomplished just by crossing something off of your to-do list! Get the ball rolling and do something organized and productive right out of bed! Read about my morning routine that sets me up for daily success here

  1. Time Block

Okay. Now this is HUGE. Take the to-do list one step further. Instead of just having your to-do list for each day, schedule into your day when and how long it should reasonably take you to do that task. This will keep you focused and on schedule. I even like to schedule in 10 minute breaks to scroll IG, look at pinterest or just give my mind a break. If you are not done with that task in the time allotted, move on. This will keep your productivity moving. Move the finishing touches of that task to another day with less commitments. Which brings me to number three.

  1. Be realistic

I am the Queen with a capital Q when it comes to making to-do lists that quite literally cannot be done in 24 hours. What I noticed is that I was continually feeling defeated, not good enough, not smart enough...plane old not enough. Aka not the goal!!! So I started to re-prioritize (remember this when you get to number 5). Instead of writing down absolutely everything I think I need to do I started to get clear on the money making tasks. What are those that MOST help my business or productivity? Make sure those get done and you’re in the clear. I like to write out my to-dos for every day in a way that I know I will finish them come evening time. I do not like to leave things untouched, so making sure I am reasonable with my time keeps not only my productivity up, but also my sense of accomplishment.

  1. 3x3x3

I mentioned this one in my habits blog post, read that one here. Like I said in number three, it is so important to prioritize. I read a few months ago about the 3x3x3 rule. This is where you get clear on your top three goals for the month, the week, and the day and you make sure to focus most of your time and attention on those things only! All of the other things are just fluff that do not actually have a large contribution to your income, productivity, or life in general. Which brings me to number five!  

  1. The quadrants

I love this one. I learned this about a year ago. As I said in my habits blog (read it here), I take some time ever Sunday to create my schedule for the week. I write down absolutely everything I have to do that week. From work tasks, to errands, to plans with friends. To take it one step further, I use the quadrant rule. On a piece of paper, divide it into four quadrants. In three of them, write your top three life goals at this stage in life. In the last quadrant, write distraction. For example, full client load, thriving love and relationships, first 6 figure year, and distraction. Categorize each thing on your list in one of the four quadrants. By the end, you have all of your tasks under either one of your top three goals as something that helps you work toward achieving that, and everything else is a distraction, holding you back from achieving the ultimate goal.

These have helped me and my SO much. I hope they help you too! Here’s to achieving those life dreams sister!!