Motivation - The secret to always having it

You see it everywhere “Monday motivation,” “motivation for weight loss,” and on and on the list goes. We’re always looking for outside sources or motivation to fuel our success. Someone else to look to to make waking up at 5am a little easier. Someone else to make putting the second cookie down easier than eating it.

But why don’t we ever preach looking within ourselves to find the motivation to reach our goals? Don’t get me wrong I think there are plenty of resources out there who actually do preach this, but it often gets covered up by the ones where we outsource our motivation.

Which is why the one and only method for success is lifestyle. Not just saying you’re making a lifestyle change and not truly changing our thought patterns. But, truly making the change. Doing the inner work, making the mental shifts so that we think differently. And when we think differently getting what we want seems easy. It’s true. I know there are plenty of you saying “yeah freaking right.”

But I am right.

I know it.

I’ve done it.

I’ve experienced both.

I’ve said I was making a lifestyle change without actually doing the inner work and making the shifts. It didn’t work.

I’ve done the inner work, made the mental shifts...and would you look at that it worked.

I’ve guided clients to doing the inner work, and guess what? It works.

When you can wake up at 5am and be excited to go do your favorite workout. Or wake up at 5am totally not wanting to go do your favorite workout but doing it anyway because you KNOW your day will be ten times better when you do.

Loving everything that you’re eating because you don’t feel deprived. Learning what foods work with your body so you can love every single thing you eat and know you’re making progress towards your goals all at the same time.

I read somewhere recently that the human default thought process is negative. We automatically see what can go wrong, even if it hasn’t happened yet. We automatically pick out the body parts we hate instead of looking at how amazing our legs look. We automatically look at how hard it will be instead of thinking of ways to make it easier.

I recently had a major example of this in my life.

I belong to a FaceBook group of women supporting each other in their entrepreneurial journeys. Women start conversations, connect and see how we can support each other. I made a post about how being healthy can be easy. Creating the health and body of your dreams CAN be easy.

The response? Every single comment I received was negative except for one. Twenty-eight out of twenty-nine were very negative. Some even quite rude. And to that I realized what an epidemic we have created in our society.

No wonder people have such trouble gaining their health. We’ve created the notion that it has to be so damn hard that no one even tries. We’ve created the notion that it has to suck.



Maybe not all day, but at least once every single day. It’s not always rainbows and butterflies but when we change the way we think, notice how we can make it easy and ACT on these beliefs then motivation is no longer needed. Motivation wouldn’t be the craze that it is today. Then maybe more people would live the lives they were created to live. Full of life, adventure, opportunity, purpose and excitement.

That being said, it’s a lifestyle. It’s food, workouts, YOUR MIND, your thought process, the stories you’ve carried with you your whole life. All of it. And when we can make every single one of those something to look forward to, how couldn’t success and reaching our goals be inevitable?

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