Life Without Dessert is Not a Life I’m Willing to Live

Everybody with me PUT YO HANDS UP. Everybody with their hands by your sides...get out. Just kidding. I kid. You can stay.

It’s summertime, who wants to go a summer without ice cream? NOT THIS GIRL. Heck no. There was a time in my life when someone would ask me my favorite food and I would respond “moose tracks.” Now as you all know I spent my childhood pretty unhealthy on the nutrition side which is why I spent about 13 years with insulin resistance syndrome (pre-type 2 diabetes).

But my Lordy I still stand by the fact that I do love a good summer ice cream.


In up-leveling my self care, and my appreciation for a healthy body through fueling it properly, I’ve up-leveled my mindset about food as well.

The diet mentality is as depressing as rain on your one and only boat day of the month. So I’m not about that life (and by default you are not about that life either, kapeesh?).

I changed the diet mentality of deprivation and restriction. Instead, my clients and I focus on what we GET to eat. What we GET to experience. How we GET to make healthier decisions. How we GET to be in charge of our lives. 

Like, “I love eating this healthy stir fry because it makes me feel amazing in my own skin, which helps me create the confidence I’ve never had and start making steps to accomplish the career of my dreams.” Yeah? Good.

My favorite way to combat cravings and be aligned with this super empowering mentality is to make ingredient swaps. 

Every once in a while I do go for the real deal. But if I'm being honest the real deal doesn't make me feel very well, so usually going for the healthier option is what I truly want anyway. This WILL be you too!! By consistently making healthier decisions you too will gravitate toward the healthier option majority of the time.

My FAVORITE desserts of the moment are:

1. Dutch Chocolate Ice Cream.

By eating this “ice cream” I get 15 different superfoods in my body at once AND 20-25g of protein! Heck yes sister!

How to make it? Blend together (I use a nutribullet):

1 Scoop Dutch Chocolate complete protein (click here to purchase)

½ cup ice

¼ cup liquid egg white (tastes like water, safe to eat in this way).

Topped with peanut butter *optional...but also peanut butter tastes good on everything so definitely add it.*

I promise you it tastes like a brownie batter blizzard from dairy queen without the bloat and heaviness!

2. Frozen Yogurt - Easy Peazy style

This one isn’t as much of a recipe as an idea.

I take greek yogurt (my go-to high quality brands are Siggis and elli quark because of their lack/minimal use of added sugars).

Stir your favorite flavor up with some frozen or fresh berries, throw it in the freezer for about 30 minutes. Top it with a tablespoon of peanut butter and it’s like a healthified flurry.

And if you want to know my favorite nut butter, it's actually made in my hometown in Northern Michigan! The absolute BEST tasting flavors AND the best ingredient list! Find it here.

I know I know I‘m a genius, you’re welcome.

Let me know what your favorite was, or your favorite dessert swaps!