Intermittent Fasting Part 2 - My Initial Experience

Well sister friends, I am about 2 weeks into Intermittent Fasting. So far, I am actually a major fan. As I said in Part 1 - if you haven't read it yet, I highly suggest reading it first; I dive into what it is, potential benefits, and how to dive in, click here to read - I consider this just another tool in my toolbox.

Anything I ever try I always come from the perspective of "is this something I can see myself sustaining easily and happily for the foreseeable future?" IF was intriguing to me at first for the benefits of increased energy and mental clarity as well as the change up to push past a plateau.

I'm not going to lie to you, I feel like I've plateaued. You know what? That's NORMAL. That's your body doing it's job properly! I'm always interested in being the very best version of myself - mind, body, and soul. After discovering my version of balance, bringing my mindset and self-love to a complete uplevel, and finding peace and love within my own body, I felt an urge to uplevel again. Diving deeper into helping my body be the absolute healthiest and strongest it can be. Like I said in part 1, me and fad diets really don't get all.

I don't think of IF as a fad diet but rather another tool in the tool box. Just like celery juice, macro balancing, experimenting with certain foods, etc.

My results so far? 

Alright sister friends, I'm going to be honest with you (as I always am), I haven't been perfect. My goal from the beginning was to ease in. I began with 12:12, went to 14:10, and then found 16:8. Every single day without fail was not my goal, but rather at least 5-6 days per week. If I hit it every day awesome! If not, no biggie. I've been consistent with 16:8 for about 11 of the 14 days thus far.

My favorite results thus far:

Holy productivity! I have been SO focused and energized in the mornings getting a days work done in half the time most days! It's AMAZING!

I've found I would much rather eat 2-3 larger meals with one snack (dessert after dinner HELLO), than eat consistently throughout the day. I workout hard, as a consequence my hunger levels many days are quite high causing me to snack pretty frequently! I've found that with the larger meals of IF, I wake up energized and don't find myself reaching for snacks like I used to with the larger meals.

My mindset has been oh so positive. This approach really works for my lifestyle. After recently moving to a new state with my boo (finally) we are kind of on the same schedule now. I love to get up and get a productive day of work in and go workout with T later in the day. I think this is a major reason I like it so much. Since it fits so well with my lifestyle right now, and I've been feeling hella focused and productive every day, I see myself sticking with this for quite a while!

I'll check back in in a few weeks with more results! Until then, happy balance sister friends!