Indulging 101

Mmm indulging. My favorite indulgences are sweet potato fries, cookie dough ice cream and really loaded paninis. I could live off of sweet potato fries actually. I have these probably about once per week in moderation! Knowing when to indulge and when to say no comes with practice and is determined by how far along you are in your journey.

For example, to the person who is used to going through the drive through every single day, or has 5-7 servings of vegetables in a week. Their indulgence days may be a bit more frequent until they are able to mentally cut them back more and more until reaching the point of a healthy balance. Going cold turkey, cutting it all out will act as a shock. Your mind and body will rebel and you’ll find yourself binging on all “forbidden foods” faster than you can say where’s the nearest chick-fil-a.

On the other hand, for someone who DID go cold turkey, implementing more indulgences can be quite scary. The mentality is the same. One extreme, and the other.

Can you see why the implementation of indulgences looks different depending on where you are in your journey?

I want to make this clear.

INDULGING IN MODERATION IS HEALTHY. Got it? Did you hear me? One more time? Okay.


I am a preacher of good quality, whole foods, non-gmo, organic, from the earth in good portion sizes to honor our bodies and fuel them properly. I do suggest limiting certain foods and food groups for the same reason, to honor our bodies and fuel them properly. This is where the prevention of disease, increasing energy and confidence, creating your ideal body can really come into play and be maximized. Eliminating anything? No. And that is for the health of the mind and spirit. Body, mind and spirit all need to be nurtured.

You’re working to create your ideal body, confidence, health and life. How do you know when to indulge and not be hurting your progress? Depending on where you are in your journey, there are a few common times when indulging is a must.

  1. There is a Special Occasion.


Have a drink or two, have your favorite piece of cake, an ice cream cone, a burger. Remember, moderation is everything. A birthday, a wedding, a get the picture.

  1. You have a craving that just won’t budge.

So it’s been a few days, you’ve been trying to satisfy your craving with something healthier but that darn craving keeps coming back. It’s time for the real deal.

  1. At least once per week.

Everyone needs to let loose every once in a while. By doing so in moderation and frequently, your mindset will be stronger than Arnold Schwarzenegger. You’ll be able to have date night and share the fries. You’ll be able to have girls night and have a glass or two of wine, not the bottle. You’ll be able to say no to the donuts in the break room because they don’t really sound appealing, you’d rather have your date night pizza instead.

By allowing yourself to indulge, when you actually do have the less than nutritious food or drink your mind doesn’t resort to the idea of “Oh my lanta never in my next 50 years of life will I get this treat I MUST keep going.” But rather, “well that was mighty tasty, I’m good for a while now.” It doesn’t mean you need the whole cake, the whole bottle of wine.

Moderation is everything. I am a true believer in living life. Not letting your goals destroy your quality of life, because let me tell you I've been there done that got the shirt and it does NOT work. Training your mind to love healthy and nutritious foods and not feel demonized by less than nutritious foods or even controlled by them will help you create your success. Moderation creates your balance. And because of that, indulging is healthy.

If you haven't noticed I've mentioned moderation about 5,785 times in this blog post. So trust me!

If you’d like help in finding how to create your ultimate balance to create your ideal body, confidence, health and life click here, let’s talk about you and finding your recipe for success.