Guest Blog of the Month - Kaitlyn Cookle from Fit Freedom Lifestyle

You know it, it's time to shine the light on another fantastic lady! You may be wondering...why am I shining light on other women when they could be taking the spotlight from me? And, well, that is oh so opposite of the truth.

I entered this industry with a burning passion to help others and serve. To help millions (yes I know, lofty, but goals are goals) of women created their healthiest and best self mind, body, and soul. The truth is, you may not resonate as much with me as with other women. But sister, I am committed to helping you find your best self, and best life. So the more inspiration and guidance you can have, the better!

So this month I interviewed Kaitlyn Cookle, a group fitness gym owner (Minneapolis Training Studio | @mplstrainingstudio) and fitness and lifestyle blogger. Her content is heart centered and always inspiring! Here we go!

+ If you could have lunch with anybody, who would it be and why?! 

Someone who is not living would be my grandpa Thor, but not at the age I remember him to be. But lunch with him when he was my age because I would love to see who he was at that time in his life. Someone who is alive: Lauren Graham because Gilmore Girls is my all time favorite show!

+ Tell us a little bit about yourself! Where are you from, what is your favorite thing to do in your free time, and one random fact about you?! 

I am from Napoleon, North Dakota. A small town of 800 where everyone knows your name, your dogs' name, and your business. :) I love it there, there's no other place I would have wanted to grow up. I moved to Minneapolis at 21 years old and love the city now! Honestly, in our free time, we love to try new restaurants! Food brings us together, it's so fun to pretend we're food critiques ha! In the summer we bike and rollerblade everywhere, turn off the GPS and enjoy beautiful Minnesota! A random fact about me, I cannot whistle to save my life!

+ What got you into the health and wellness industry? I know you've gone through quite the journey yourself and so many women can relate. Could you tell us a little bit about that? 

I first started working out when I was a sophomore in college but was very uneducated. I was a huge partier and didn't have an athletic history so it was intimidating for sure. But I knew I wanted to learn and be better, so I got a job at a gym in Fargo, ND near where I was going to college. I wanted to take myself out of the party scene for a while and surround myself with people who motivated and encouraged me to be my best self. That really helped me jumpstart into my love for health & fitness. It was changing my life for the better, and I knew I wanted to share that with whoever was willing to listen!

+ What was the key component that helped you find your healthy lifestyle and a loving relationship with food and your body? 

My relationship with God is what made me see my beauty and worth for what it was, which is enough! So for me, I didn't need to look a certain way to achieve that happiness and that's when I found my balance. I think your mentality is what creates your healthy lifestyle. I also went through a lot of trial and error over the years. Having patience during that process helped me to find my happiest and healthiest lifestyle.

+ If you could share one thing to help other women looking to not only improve their health and fitness, but their self-love too, what would it be? 

Take it one day at a time. One small step each day truly does lead to massive change. You are SO much stronger than you know but you'll only find that out by challenging yourself. Also, comparison will rob you of your happiness. My wish is for women to live beyond expectations and comparisons so they can be free.

+ What is your favorite type of workout? 

HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training is for sure my favorite workout! Mixing weights, resistance & cardio for a quick and effective workout takes the cake every time!

Me too girl, me too!! 

+ If you could eat only one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Chips with Guac & Salsa!!

I knew I liked you... lol 

+ What is the most unique workout you've ever done?! 

It's not unique but pilates is always a challenge! Just a different kind of workout than what I'm used to.

+ What is your favorite quote to live by?  

"Let whoever think whatever, just keep getting better, baby!!" I added the "baby" part. :)

+ Where can everyone find you?

 Instagram: @fitfreedomlifestyle

Another wonderful inspiring woman! Until next month :)