Everybody knows WHAT to do. Here is How to DO IT.


Everybody knows WHAT to do. It's the DOING that needs helping.

Aka 3 donuts is probably not ideal. Huge massive delicious salad or maybe a yummy stir fry...very ideal.

BUT when those 3 donuts are like “please eat me. I’m so delicious and frosted and soft. Please *que puppy dog eyes on a donut*.” Yeah, ya feel me?

Ah perfect. My specialty. LET ME HELP YOU DO THE DO. No, not the mountain kind though. Not mountain dew...stick with me sister.

PUT YOSELF INTO ACTION NOW. Get those results. Make progress. Reach your goals. Now.

See THIS is why my clients are successful. “I’ve lost 8% body fat and I’m not even trying anymore, thank you so much for your help!” Yep, highly successful.

So how to get into action? Here is my step by step:

  1. Get freaking clear.

What do you want? Why? Be specific. What will having that get you? On a scale of 1-10 if it’s not an 11 you’re not clear enough. When achieving your goals is as important to you as breathing, then you will be successful. Don’t let this scare you. EVERYONE has a reason that is as important as breathing for them, it’s just in our nature to cover it up and make us feel okay where we are. Dig deep sister. Find your why.

  1. Identify with it.

Become so connected with what you want and why that it is no longer running through the back of your head. Identify with it in a way that you are this version of you that you want to be. Your old ways of being are just that, old. We have a new way of being now.

  1. Write it down...a lot

There is power in writing things down. Write down exactly what you want. What you’ll feel, what emotions it brings, what your loved ones will see in you. Write it down clear as day every single morning. Keep a version of it where you can see consistently throughout the day.

  1. Become your own #1 fan

Gone are the days when someone would say “Damn Jen you look great, have you lost weight?” and we reply with “oh thank you I still have so much to lose yet.” NOPE. WRONG. STOP IT RIGHT NOW. All you’re doing is making it harder for yourself. Notice your accomplishments. Celebrate them. Notice that arm looking a bit more slim? Celebrate the heck out of it. When someone compliments you say thank you so much and leave it at that. When you focus on you get more of. Focus on your progress and your results...get freaking more of them.

  1. Put yourself first.

I know you’ve heard it before. “We must fill our own cup before we can fill another’s.” Well when was the last time you took this seriously? Actually applied it to your life? Making time for your workout that makes you feel great, saying no to that event because you’re exhausted...do it. Saying “no” is saying “yes” to something greater. You’ll be a better mother, wife, girlfriend, daughter, aunt, coworker, yogi, athlete. Have I convinced you yet? Good.  

  1. Ditch this horrible standard.

Perfection. Perfection is not realistic so stop working for it. It’s also no fun. Remember why we’re doing this? To live a higher quality of life? Is working yourself to the ground trying to be Perfect Polly living a fun high quality life? No. The answer is no. Aim for consistency. Not 100% days and 20% days. But 80% consistent days. A few 70% and a few 99%. Consistency brings results. Perfection brings disappointment. So let that belief go.

  1. Fking happiness.

It is so much more than food and exercise. The point of doing all of this is to live a HIGH AS HECK QUALITY OF LIFE. Every day do something that makes you happy. Remember what is available to you. Remember that God (or whatever spiritual source you identify with) wants you to be successful. He wants you to live a life you love. Full of life, health and abundance. By being your best self, you honor Him.

“When you die, God and the angels will hold you accountable to all of the pleasures you were allowed in life that you denied yourself.”

If you recognize that now is your time, now is your time to reach your goals, be highly successful and live the high quality life you were meant to live then a discovery session is the perfect thing for you. In this complimentary session, we dive deep. We discover what is holding you back or keeping you stuck and we identify YOUR pathway out and on your way to achieving your goals sooner rather than later. You’ve got this sister. Click here to schedule your session.