Christmas Gift Guide

This Christmas Guide sort of turned into a favorites post. BUT. That just means that I love every single one of these items, and sister so will your loved one! Everything from fitness and health, to self care, to clothing and home! Each is connected to a link where you can purchase to make it easy for you! Now get to giving sister!

Workout Gear

This section is for the fitness lover. Give them this set and they’ll be able to workout wherever they are, gym or no gym! These are three of my favorite types of workout equipment for a sweaty effective workout.

Resistance bands

Perfect for on the go or to add to a gym workout. Click here for a pack with 5 different strengths, perfect for a total body workout!
To purchase, click here



I love using a kettlebell in a workout. You can do traditional weight lifting movements, multiple HIIT workouts, or stability workouts! I’d suggest around 10-25 pounds. To purchase, click here


Jump Rope

The perfect warm up, cool down, HIIT, or light cardio! This has become a fitness travel staple for me. To purchase click here



These are my staples when it comes to hair and skincare. I admit, I'm not a guru in this department and I'm not going to act like it! These are just the things that have worked for me and that I swear by.

Crinkle Hair Ties

For as long as I can remember, whenever I put my hair up in a high ponytail, I always get a headache. But these keep that from happening! They’re also the only hairtie I’ve tried that actually keep the ponytail indent from happening, perfect for sleeping or running around doing errands! The perfect stocking stuffer! Click here to purchase. 


Fre workout cleansing routine

With a heavy workout routine, my skin has always been an issue. It’s either dry, or oily, or both at the same time, weird I know. This cleansing set of cleanser, serum, and moisturizer is the first routine to keep my skin consistently hydrated without getting oily. I’ve used this every day for months and the combination of this and the vegan omega capsule is FIRE. Aka amazing for your skin. For to save you some moola and support your girl, use code DIANAM for 15% off! Click here to purchase and view more. 


It’s a 10 shampoo

Hands down, the best shampoo and conditioner I have ever used. The “plus keratin” collection is what I’ve used for about a year now and I’ll never go back! Salon quality products, cruelty free, and available at Target, what more could you ask for?

I know it’s kind of weird to have shampoo and conditioner on a Christmas Guide, but these products help you feel spoiled like a princess with top quality care! Many people wouldn’t spend the extra money on haricare, so a Christmas beauty set with a a few other items, like others in this category, would be such a treat! Click here to purchase.


Formula 10.0.6 Draw It All Out Mask  

I’m obsessed with this mask. Obsessed. Perfect for a stocking stuffer or self-love beauty box! Click here to purchase. 


Beauty Pack

This is what I have used for the past year to get my hair to finally reach below my shoulders, and keep growing! For as long as I can remember my hair grows to a certain length and then stops. Finally I’ve been able to find the nourishment it needs to keep growing like wildfire! The vineyard blend and vegan omegas are commonly called “the beauty pack”. Click here for the omegas, and here for the berry blend. 



Who doesn't love clothes?! It sounds funny, but clothes is the one thing I never really buy for myself except for a few times a year. So I personally love receiving clothes as a gift! Here are my favs.


Best workout leggings of my life. I had these on my gift guide last year too, that tells you something. The lightest breathable fabric, perfect for a sweaty workout PLUS they’re high rise. I literally have 4 pair and it’s not enough. Click here to purchase. 


Adidas Shoes

I got these for Christmas last year and they are easily my favorite workout shoes. So comfortable, so supportive, not too heavy. Plus they’re cute and sometimes that’s the most important part. Click here to purchase. 


Lulu sports bra

I feel like this gift guide is turning into a favorites blog? BUT. You are important to me, and by golly you bet your buttons I want to share all of my favorite things with you because you deserve the world sister.

Nevertheless, the BEST workout bra in my closet. I’m not very busty, but I imagine that if I was it’d still be my favorite. Itty bitty titty committee president over here. Click here to purchase. 


Levi Jeans

For the comfy yet fashionable lad. These are my go-to jeans. The ruffle at the bottom adds a cute touch and the high waist makes them the most comfortable jeans I own! Click here to purchase. 



Cuisinart Blender/Food Processor Duet

FRIENDS. This is magical. I’m going to be honest...I’ve gone through a total of three nutribullets. Yep. They just don’t do the trick for me. I want my smoothies thick so I can eat it with a spoon nah what I’m sayin’? This blender is MAGIC. AND it doubles as a food processor too. If you have a smoothie lover or avid chef in the family, get them this and they’ll love you forever! Click here to purchase. 


Air Fryer

Have my brussels sprouts crispy and eat sweet potato fries like it’s nobody’s business without all of the not so nutritious fat from a frier? Heck. Yes. Click here to purchase.


Self-Improvement Library:

The School of Greatness

If you’re not aware of who Lewis Howes’re welcome. Improve your life, business, relationships, and health with him! One of the best self-improvement books I’ve ever read. Click here to purchase. 


Cute Journal

There are a few exercises to go through in the book above. The perfect duo gift is a cute journal to go along with it. I’m such an advocate for tracking goals and writing things down. A self-improvement staple is a cute journal. I have had three of these and I love them so much! Click here to purchase. 

Day Designer Planner

On the same token of writing goals down to make them real, we need to write down action steps to turn them into reality instead of just far off dreams. This is the daily planner I’ve used the past three years and I can’t get enough of it. With a daily 5am-9pm schedule, to-do list, and reminder section it’s the perfect organizational tool! For the self-improvement junkie, these three books are the perfect gift! Click here to purchase.