How on this earth do you know what to pay attention to? What’s most important? What direction to go?! It is and always has been my goal to give you clarity, help you see through the fog and know what truly is the best decision for YOU. Not just another fad to try or program to move onto. But the LAST one. The one that WORKS for YOU!

So here’s the low down on each:


Tiny bugs that sew your clothes tighter. JUST KIDDING! When it comes to weight loss, the goal is to consume slightly (key word here) fewer calories than your body is burning. You’re constantly burning calories, whether you’re working out or sitting at work, your body is hard at work with that calorie burn (at different intensities). In order to burn fat you need to burn more than you consume. It is possible to go too far with this, which is why I always suggest working with someone to help you find YOUR perfect mix!

Along with this, the TYPE of calories are just as important (see below..quality). If we went solely on could lose weight by eating only chips and donuts. BUT this is not a good route to choose because in doing so you’re not giving your body the proper nutrition is needs to run its internal processes just to keep you alive, energized and able to function properly throughout your day. This is how it is possible to be thin, but still unhealthy. Which is why it is so important to have a good variety of foods in your diet. I have a systematic way that I help my clients do so to get all of the proper nutrition each and every day!


Carbs, protein and fat. The body needs a combination of all of these to function at it’s best. When I work with clients we “count” macros in a way to help the body get the right amount of each without actually counting anything. A knowledge of macros is great to help in living a truly balanced life. Like ice cream and wine living in your healthy lifestyle without creating an emotional connection or guilt! Alot of people hear “if it fits your macros (or IIFYM)” and think days filled with pizza cookies and pasta. BUT micronutrition is also KEY to being successful with this! Like I said earlier, your body needs high quality foods and micronutrition as well to be running properly. For example, this is the difference between being thin but exhausted and sick all of the time, OR, strong and lean, energized and avoiding the winter flu season. I have a really easy way that I help my clients get the right amount of macros AND micros, it’s al l factored into the plan!I find that the act of actually counting or tracking everything I put in my mouth creates an obsessive behavior that leads to more unhealthy habits which is why I do not “count” with my clients. We’re all about sustainability and longevity. Getting results AND keeping them.  


Ugh. Quality is SO important in terms of preventing disease as well as treating it. I could go on for hours about this but after years of research I am a true believer that quality is one of the most important aspects of a healthy diet. Processed foods and chemicals create “dis-ease” in the body in the form of inflammation. It can even lead to chronic illness. Always look for organic (for the dirty dozen especially - read THIS blog post to see what these are) and an ingredients list that looks like it all came from the earth...not through the factory. Remember your body requires NUTRIENTS not just calories!! When we eat things that are artificial, heavily processed or covered/filled with chemicals your body doesn’t quite know what to do with them since it’s not actually “food.” Remember the 80/20 rule! I do still eat artificial sweeteners at times or packaged items as well. This is part of MY balance. Adhering to the 80/20 rule ensures I’m not flooding my body with a bunch of junk it can’t use and I AM flooding it with enough nutrition to help me lead my absolute best life.

Every morning I flood my body with 30 different cleaner than organic vine ripened fruits and vegetables every single morning. I’ve lost pounds of inflammation and bloat just by doing this! If you’d like to read more about this, read the blog post where I talk about them here.

Like I said, with my clients we work to find a plan that WORKS for YOU! A combination of all of these so that your body is thriving, you’re achieving your most confident body, AND your mind is healthy as well (calling all chip lovers...this is for you!). In my complimentary private coaching sessions we dive into what this could look like for you, where you may be keeping yourself stuck, and your plan of action to get unstuck! Click here to schedule your session and let’s find YOUR path to your ideal confident body, health and LIFE!