Bounce Back In No Time

So it’s the Monday after Thanksgiving weekend. I am hoping that you took my advice from last week and indulged in your favorite Thanksgiving dishes, just enough to keep you satisfied without going to overboard. Or maybe you didn’t, maybe you had a little bit too much, you’re feeling a bit sluggish and heavy. You know what? Either way that’s okay, I’m about to help you bounce back and continue to reach your goals EVEN between now and Christmas. Here are my favorite tips and tricks for getting back into a healthy routine after a Holiday, vacation, or just a few days of celebration. With these, you’re sure to be feeling like your normal self again, progressing further and further toward your ultimate goals.

  1. Make peace in your mind.

Whether you overindulged, or didn’t, it is so important to make peace with it for yourself. Health is just as much mental as it is physical. There is absolutely a time and place for everything, including pumpkin pie, ice cream and cocktails. Holidays, vacations and celebrations are apart of those times. What does that mean? It means that if you overindulged a bit, treated yourself to more sweets than normal or what have you, you did exactly the right thing. Those things are part of the fun as well!

And now its Monday, I’d like to introduce you to a fresh piece of advice. And that is


  • Workout only to erase the extra calories

  • Restrict your food choices or drastically reduce your intake for a few days

  • Beat yourself up about anything

  • Think that you just took 15 steps backwards


  • Workout because you love how it makes you feel, and because you’re excited to get back into your normal routine.

  • Eat plenty of nutrient dense whole foods. Picking items from the perimeter of the grocery store so that the sugary and processed food escapade can slow down again. Focus on plenty of fruits and veggies, as well as lean protein.

  • Drink plenty of water, even more than you are used to for a few days to help release the toxins and chemicals from processed and sugary foods, as well as alcohol.

  • Realign yourself with your ultimate goals. Striving to reduce your blood sugar/cholesterol/blood pressure/what have you that your doctor is urging you to do? Feeling like you’d have a better quality of life if you focused on your health first? Great, let’s get you to that point. Write down your goals, journal for a few minutes about WHY you want this. And realign your habits to help you achieve those goals.

This is the longest tip because quite frankly, it’s the most important.

  1. Focus on Nutrient Dense Foods

Did you know that the body naturally detoxifies itself? You don’t need magic teas or pills to do so, your liver does this on it’s own. Contrary to popular belief, your body is on your side, trying to keep you as healthy as possible. To hear more about this, visit here. In order to facilitate the detox process, an inflow of plenty of nutrients from fruits and vegetables is necessary, in the widest variety possible. Want to hear more about how to seamlessly incorporate more fruits and veggies (30 to be exact!) into your daily life without spending your life savings at Whole Foods? Shoot me an email, let’s get your body flooded with plenty of fruits and veggies.

  1. Get Moving

No, don’t try to “out-burn” the calories that were consumed. Rather, get exercising because of the endorphins that you get, because of the endless energy it gives you, and because of how much better it makes you feel. Just simply get back into your normal workout routine, joining the classes or doing the types of exercises that you LOVE. Play tag with your kids, take a walk with your significant other, find any excuse to get up off the couch and on your feet. Having a hard time motivating yourself? Schedule a FREE discovery session with me to find out exactly why the motivation is lacking. Chances are you’ll come out feeling motivated and ready to take on your healthy life in a whole new perspective. Click HERE to schedule today.

  1. Water Water Water

I’m sure this one isn’t new to you. Water aids tremendously in the body’s natural detoxification process as you will hear if you listened to the video linked above. Drink all of the water!!!

There you have it folks, just adhere to these few tips and you are well on your way to progressing further toward your goals during this holiday season!