Are “What I eat in a day” posts healthy?

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Are what I eat in a day posts healthy for your relationship with food?You know what I mean. The multiple pictures of every meal, or the video of the whole day of meals? Are they good or bad? Welp. In my opinion, both.

How they might be good: If you’re new to the healthy lifestyle, they can be great for meal inspiration or new food ideas. They can also be great for accountability to yourself if you don’t take it too far.

How they might be bad: The person who made the post is not you. They also may not have a healthy relationship with food. They may need more or less food than you. They might thrive on fats while you thrive on carbs. They might have years of firing up, or even damaging their metabolism. The list could go on.

If you “want that persons body” then sister please, listen up. Like I said...that person is not you. Why not give yourself a chance and try to have the most confident version of your own? Treating your body as if someone you love lives in there. To have a healthy relationship with food: understand *your own* body. What foods work well for you? What are your hunger and fullness triggers? What makes you feel your best? What foods do you actually like and not like?

The most important piece is understanding you CAN eat the foods you love, have your most confident body, and understand nutrition in your own body to make both of those happen seamlessly.

This is why hiring a professional is SO helpful for not only your goals...but your mindset and happiness on your way there. Have your cake and eat it too. Find your most confident body. Be the very best version of you.

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