5 Tips for a FUN and HEALTHY Fourth of July

Many of you probably know by now that I am in a military relationship. Babe just got selected to fly the F-16 Viper! Woot woot! So obviously, the fourth of july hits home for me. I’m still a bit ashamed to say that it never really had the biggest impact on me as a holiday until being with him and experiencing "the life." Obviously I understood what it meant for us as citizens, but not necessarily what it means for us to keep our independence and safety. The sacrifice, the hard work, the dedication, the others before self mentality. So of course, celebrating this holiday and enjoying it is very important to me!

SO I want you to enjoy it immensely as well! Side note, would that be something you’d like me to talk more about? I haven’t much lately, but quite honestly have been wanting to! Comment of you do :)

But. I can hear you through my computer “but fun holidays and healthy don’t go together Di.” You wrong boo. You so wrong. SO. Here we go!

  1. Twerkout?

So usually I am a “get your workout done before all the fun begins” kind of a gal. Which you TOTALLY can do that! But, I find that fourth of July activities are always so active and fun anyway. Growing up the fourth was always spent on the lake. We were swimming, tubing, wakeboarding, kayaking you name it. So if a twerkout (wait you don’t call your workouts twerkouts? Hmm. weird.) doesn’t work in your schedule that’s okay! Play a game of tag instead, try water skiing, swim, but by golly do something outside!

  1. Make it delicious

Burgers, BBQs, chips and dip, cupcakes. Fourth of July meals usually scream AMERICA, LAND OF THE MAC AND CHEESE PIZZA AND THE BRAVE. Nah what I’m sayin? So I’m all about balance, especially indulging on a holiday. Personally I don’t enjoy eating mostly “indulgence” foods because I don’t like feeling tired or bloated during the festivities. So I like to pick something to indulge in and keep the rest healthier and in portion check!

  1. Play Aunt Betty with the Famous Dessert

I also love to cook and bake. I almost always bring a healthy (and delicious) side item or dessert! There are so many yummy fruit based desserts you can shape into an American flag disguised as the sugar loaded ones cousin Tommy won’t even notice it’s good for him. So volunteer to bring something to share! You don’t even have to mention that it’s healthier, make it delicious and people won’t even notice.

  1. Remember the Holiday

Remember what we’re celebrating. The gift of freedom we have as a country. The gift we are continuously given year after year thanks to those who serve our country. We are doing them a disservice by mistreating our bodies with too many treats, or worrying so much about the food that we forget to celebrate. We have the luxury of freedom and the option to create our own American Dream because of them, so let’s make them proud.

  1. Memories

“Live for the memories you can’t put into words.” Along with number four, holidays in my mind are also about creating memories and having those special days celebrating with friends and family. Put the focus on creating those memories instead of creating your six pack. I promise you, one day of less than ideal eating won’t ruin your progress. Having fun and loving your life is a part of being healthy too!

So get out there and enjoy this Wednesday. Thursday will come regardless and that’s a great day to get back to your routine. Get right back soon after your progress will not be ruined.