5 Steps to Eat Healthier Today

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Whether you’re a newbie into trying to eat better, or you’ve come a long way but still want to get over a few bad habits, this one is for you!

1. One meal at a time.

It’s easy to get caught up in all of the rules and information that is out there today, and have no idea where to start. Or even worse? We think we have to dive head first into multiple “rules.” We so often think it has to be perfect. If we have a donut we ruined it. But sister that is so far from the truth. I love the saying, “small hinges swing big doors,” meaning that small choices that we turn into habits lead to major results. So tip number one is to pick one meal to make healthier. Whether that’s breakfast and you want to energize your day a bit better, or lunch so that you can get rid of your afternoon slump, it really doesn’t matter! What is one meal that you can COMMIT to making healthier from here on out (except for pancake Sundays if that is one of your simple pleasures in life :) ).

2. Choose food for fuel.

My intention for you is to give you tips, tricks, and most importantly inspiration to start living life on purpose. My passion and belief holds strong in the fact that when we choose to eat healthier, our mind clears, our mood lifts, our energy is re-awakened, and we truly feel more equipped to be the best version of ourselves. This all begins with nutrition. For many, food is a comfort, or a pleasure, or a bandaid for a bad day. Don’t get me wrong, food should be enjoyed. You should never have to feel like you have to eat something you don’t like. BUT it is SO possible (even easy) to make foods we LOVE that are also healthy and nourishing. Think of your next meal as the item that you’re going to enjoy the heck out of, but it’s also going to give you the energy and focus to make today as best as it can be!

3. Say bye-bye to ONE thing.

For many of us, there is this one little habit that we know would make us feel SO much better if we kicked it to the curb. What is one thing you know doesn’t serve you that you would like to get rid of for the next 30 days? Major key: this isn’t a huge habit. For example, if you struggle with emotional eating or fear of foods, this is something to be tackled one day at a time, with a system and incredible support. Reach out to me or another coach you feel comfortable with to tackle something like this.

BUT for example, that third cup of coffee, or maybe diet coke, or the ranch dressing overload. Whatever it is, pick ONE that you can commit to saying goodbye to for the next 30 days. You’ll feel accomplished, empowered, and excited to continue improving yourself!

4. Water - keeps you full and hydrated

I know this is such a cliche one, but it is SO helpful. Often times, we think we’re hungry when in reality we’re just thirsty! Begin with at least half of your body weight in ounces per day. Not only with this help with eating healthier and in more appropriate portions, but your skin and hair will thank you!

5. Let go of rules

I should have put this first actually. There are so many rules out there right now, from meal timing, to keto, to stop eating certain fruits, and we just don’t need them. Is there a method of eating that is best for YOU that helps you lose excess fat, maintain healthy energy and mood, and give you the life and energy to live your best life? Absolutely! But if you find yourself lost in all of the rules and feeling like it controls so much of your mind, just let go of the rules. Focus on eating whole real nutritious foods MOST of the time. Focus on getting those veggies in and high quality proteins and fats. Just eat real food, deal? Then we can go into looking for a method of eating that works best for you. And don’t worry, you can absolutely still create a more fit version of yourself without all of the rules! If you struggle with this, reach out to me. I’ve been there done that and I can help you see through the fog. Click here to have a conversation if that would be helpful.

And that’s it! Pretty simple right? I hope this serves you well.