2018 - MY YEAR!

GOALS.  Noun. “The object of a person’s ambitions or efforts; an aim or desired result.”

I’ve always had goals, but for some reason they always feel like these far off dreams that may or may not actually become my reality.

I want that to change. I want this year to be different. So instead of having these little ideas bottled up in my head I’ve decided to write them down. Did you know that if you write what you want down on paper, and put it somewhere you can be reminded of it, you are almost ten times more likely to achieve them?

Goals should be measurable. They should be specific and detailed. They should stretch you. Goals should make you nervous to do the work but totally psyched to get to the result. I like to focus on goals in every aspect of my life.

Those being:

  • Money

  • Career

  • Relationships

  • Spirituality

  • Health

For example, I’d like to share with you a few of my “health” related goals.

  1. Journaling. Yes, this is a health related goal! Each morning I am going to wake up and journal. What about? No idea! I will definitely be googling journaling prompts! Any seasoned journal-ers out there please share with me your tips! Health is so much more than what you eat and how you exercise. It’s mind body and soul.

  2. Yoga. Downward dog anyone? Going in line with my goal of journaling I have made it a weekly goal of mine to begin practicing yoga for the mental clarity. In practicing yoga, my inner strength, confidence and excitement for all that is coming my way will be easier to connect and reside with. Not only that, but I’m terrible at meditating, which is something I've been wanting to practice as well. If I do this, I know I will get at least one weekly session of meditation in my routine. Lord knows I need it to calm this easily overwhelmed mind! (Yep, I’m admitting it. You’re not alone, we all of our weaknesses).

  3. Mindfulness. In each moment. In each day. In each meal. In each workout. In each happy moment. In each frustrating moment. The power of the mind is the most powerful weapon we own. We can either use it to help us, or to hurt us. In creating a more mindful being, I am giving myself the power to create my reality.

And these are only a few of my goals. With these simple goals, the health and fitness area of my life will be stronger than ever. I have pretty specific goals for my fitness and nutrition as well, but believe it or not I know that if I master the goals above, my goals of eating more plants (at lunch) and gaining more lean muscle (using clothes to measure by end of February) will follow suit.

Specific. Detailed. Stretching (for me…the once a month journal-er, can hardly touch her toes yogi).

As for the other areas of my life my goals are specific, detailed down to the date, and outright terrifying….in the most exciting way possible. As well as dates written down to refine and realign these goals. That, will be my recipe for success.

I’m curious, share with me some of your goals for the upcoming year?!