10 Tips to Get You From Couch Potato to Workout Junkie

  1. Ditch the snooze button.

First of all, a morning workout ensures that no excuse can come up later about why you can’t make that workout happen today.

  1. Find Workouts you LOVE!

Running isn’t for everyone, lifting isn’t for everyone, yoga isn’t for everyone. Heck nothing is! But I promise you there IS a type of workout out there that you will enjoy and get those endorphins flowing. Which brings me to number three…

  1. Try New Things

Working out is kind of like picking the perfect dress. You know exactly what you don’t want, but not quite what you do want. Don’t like running? One down, a few more to go! Keep trying until you find what you like. TO give you some inspiration, here are my favorite ways to workout:

  • Strength Training

  • High Intensity Interval Training

  • Circuit Training

  • Running/Walking Outdoors

  • Strength Training Classes (recently fell in love with Orange Theory Fitness)

  1. Make it a Habit

Simple as that. Commit to two weeks of consistent exercise (with 1 to 3 rest days each week) and before you know it your body will begin to crave it. Yes, literally crave it. Like rest days will become a difficult!

  1. Get Creative

Plenty of people claim the “I don’t have time” excuse. Well, “I don’t have time” is the adult version of “my dog ate my homework.” No, you absolutely don’t have to hit the gym 5-6 days a week to see results. But you DO have to do something. Exercise is anything that gets your heart pumping. Have kiddos? Run around and play tag for 30 minutes to an hour, play soccer with them, jump on the trampoline, take your dog for a run/walk instead of a slow meander, have a dance party with the kiddos. And if those don’t cut it for you…home workouts work WONDERS and can be done in the privacy of your bedroom at 5am or 10pm. Now get creative!!

  1. Cute Workout Clothes

So incredibly superficial but also very helpful, lol. No need to break the bank either. Some of my favorite brands that are savings account friendly are:

  • Forever 21

  • Target – Champion

  • Fabletics (great discount for first time buyers)

I am definitely one of those people who went to the gym a time or two purely because I really wanted to wear my new outfit…haters gonna hate.

  1. Take Progress Pictures

When you start to not only FEEL but SEE your hard work paying off, making exercise your daily dose of me-time instead of Netflix will happen in no time, promise!

  1. A Good Playlist

Okay, so. Today I worked out for a total of one hour. I listened to “Kiwi” by Harry Styles, “Partition” by Queen B and “Bacon” by Nick Jonas. That’s it. Three songs. One hour. Repeat game strong. Yep. The power of a good song to get you motivated! I always plan my songs during my warm-up by using the Spotify “add to queue” feature to make sure I’m never mid squat when “All of Me” by John Legend comes on….great song. Terrible workout song, lol!

  1. Youtube Videos

Whenever Im doing a cardio machine HIIT or LISS workout I love to watch my favorite fitness gurus on YouTube. It’s great entertainment, my favorites are funny people in general. But not only that, they offer great workouts and ideas to get you excited about your fitness regimen. My favorites are:

  • Heidi Somers (Buffbunny)

  • Whitney Simmons (she’s hilarious)

  • Steve Cook

  • Amanda Bucci

  • Tone It Up

  • Christain Guzman

  • Zanna Van Dijk

  1. Grab a Buddy

When you set up a gym date with your best friend, you’re much less likely to bale on yourself. Catch your favorite class or makeup a workout you can do together!