Our Wedding Details !

“It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.” - John Wooden 

One of the things that I think pulled our entire wedding weekend together was all of the little details.

A lot of people told me “don’t waste your time on the details, no one notices.” Well sister friends, maybe that’s true, but I absolutely loved them and think they added so much character to the celebration of our love story. Stacy, our wedding planner saw my vision and helped us bring it to life in the details. 

I’ve always loved the idea of a very traditional and romantic wedding. The bulk of our decor reflected this, with our colors revolving around pure white, gold, and a touch of black for a romantic and sleek look. Tyler is a fighter pilot in the Air Force, so we wanted to add a touch of pilot into the mix as well!

We had quite a few fun details, but I wanted to share with you some of my favorites that were unique and brought out the charm of each of us into our magical weekend. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, and when it comes to these precious details that could not ring more true. So, I’ll let the photos tell the story on this one. 


Traditional with a touch of fighter pilot in our name and table number cards.  



Staying true to my all white theme, I went with white roses, white ranunculus (I think that’s what it was, it’s a flower that looks like a rose!!), and white calla lilies. Calla lilies were special to both of our families, used by both of our parents as well as my great aunt and uncle.



They came enveloped in a wax button fold-over, absolutely stunning!


+Personalized Cocktail Napkins

We had 3 quirky quotes that referred to each of us our guests might get a kick out of! They read, “Babies? It took him 13 years to ask her on a date…,” “Diana is the one in white,” “Want to know how good a fighter pilot is at flying? Go ask one…”  


+Dessert Table

Our dessert table had a few fun things inspired by each of us. The entire dessert table was set to look like they were sitting in the clouds, with little airplanes tucked into the clouds. We did have a cake, but both of us much prefer ice cream to cake, so an ice cream bar was a must!



Our appetizers were chosen by picking one food from each side of our heritages. Such a fun was to add a unique piece of personalization!


+Cigar Bar

One of Tyler’s only requests, a cigar bar! We went to a local cigar bar and got a few cigars, set up a fun little table with a cigar bar tender! We also had a “drink of the hour” menu with personalized cocktails throughout the night that was a major hit! Click here to read more about that.

IMG_1413 2.JPG

+The Dress 

The details of the dress was one of my favorite parts, as well as Tyler in his Mess Dress. Most Air Force guys have what’s called a “party shirt” under their tux, hence the eagles. Just google it…. And I got him his cufflinks when he was selected to fly the F-16. I’ll be writing a whole post about the dress, Tyler’s look, our flower girls etc. in a later post. TBD for more.


+My Something Blue

I’ve always loved the idea of taking a piece of my Dad’s shirt for my “something blue.” Mom had an even better idea, cutting it into the shape of a heart to keep in my pocket all night. Yes, my dress had pockets. Major win in my book !


+Personalized Flower Girl Sign

“Uncle Ty, we’re cleared for takeoff”


If there’s any advice I’d give to a hopeless romantic like me planning her wedding, it’d be to let yourself go wild in the details. 

It’s the one day you get to have be all about you and your soul mate. Make every single inch a piece of your love story, let the details carry pieces of you and your person.

Photography by Scarlette Peidmont.