Monday Motivation - You Can Escape Or You Can Elevate

I was listening to a podcast the other day that really inspired me. Wow I wish I could remember which one. If you recognize that line in the title let me know who it was! The line that stuck with me was “you can either escape or you can elevate” in terms of feeling down, self-critical, afraid, stressed, etc. How often do you think you choose to elevate versus escape? 

When I think of what it means to escape I think of methods like these that are common for so many people to turn to when we get stressed, sad, overwhelmed, confront a difficult situation, etc. 

  • Drink

  • Sleep 

  • Eat 

  • Yell or take it out on loved ones 

  • Stop working on what we ultimately want (that big project, promotion, a healthier relationship, healthier body…) 

  • Anything not serving our highest good 

I mention a bit in my book, To Kale And Back, about how these are really just patterns (thoughts and habits we repeat regularly in response to certain triggers or situations) that we learned at a young age and carry into our adulthood, making achieving that dream body, job, or life really stinkin’ hard. Don’t worry, you can rewrite those patterns! 

I’ve become so passionate about inspiring others to live life to its fullest, authentically, and confidently (Hi, To Kale And Back!). This passion has grown so strong this year because of how many peers I see falling into the “shoulds” of life. I should get a job that pays well regardless of if I enjoy it. I should power through every day until the weekend; truly living for the weekend. I should be in a relationship by now because I’ already ___ years old. I should be doing xxx. Reserving life goals - hi side hustle, own business, holding out for an incredible relationship, competing in an iron man, fill in the blank - because it’s not as “important enough” right now. Well, wrongo. That is an excuse dressed up looking like a valid argument. That’s escaping. What would elevating look like for you? 

Becoming the best version of you requires you to replace the urge to escape with the habit of elevating. I’m sharing 3 mechanisms to help you go from escaping to elevating, so you can rewire those patterns, and truly become the absolute best version of you. 

  • Learning your best method to get you out of the “I’m not good enough” mindset. 

This could be a book, a podcast, an inspirational YouTube video, meditating, journalling, etc.. Anything that gets you from low vibe back to high vibe. I’ve listed here my favorite podcasts for this, and here my favorite books. Did you know I wrote a self-improvement book? Well sister! You best be checkin’ it  out. It’s a healthy dose of action steps, humor, and inspiration to get you moving toward those amazing goals you have. Click here to read more about it! And if you’ve read it, would you shoot me an email and let me know what you thought? I’d love to hear your feedback! And if you’re really feelin’ it today, click here to leave a quick review and help me reach more young women who need these words! 

  • Setting healthy goals for yourself that help you achieve the best version of you in each of these areas: 

    • Relationships 

    • Spirituality

    • Healthy + Wellness 

    • Career and Money 

This could look like going to the workout class even though you’d rather watch the bachelor because you promised yourself you would; waking up earlier every morning to go through your morning routine that grounds you and brings you closer to God (or your version of God);  or taking messy imperfect action on that side hustle you’ve been wanting to do but always find an excuse that its not good enough. Make the goal. Schedule the action. Show up for yourself. 

  • Healthy food, fitness, and mindset 

    • This could be skipping the afternoon donut because you know it makes you feel awful. It could be learning how to cook healthier to replace takeout with home cooked meals. This leads me to the process of forming a better relationship with food, fitness, and your body. Learning to FUEL your body with NUTRITIOUS foods because that’s what caring for yourself looks like. Not because you need to look a certain way to be loved by others (and yourself), but because seeing yourself as enough as you are means treating your body with respect. This looks like real whole foods with a soul-food donut here and there; healthy exercise that puts you in an incredible mood that you do out of habit; understanding that happiness is the most important piece, and taking time to do things that make you happy is just as important as eating right. 

I do my best to inspire and motivate you into action on all of your goals and aspirations. It can be scary, you may feel like you don’t know what the heck you’re doing, and you may just be trying to stop the bad habits you know aren’t serving you. It all requires work and a commitment to yourself. But along with that I need you to show yourself some grace. It’s so easy to get overly critical and hard on yourself (speaking to myself over here) which causes you to want to give up all over again. Breaks are okay, vacations are okay, a donut every now and then is okay, give yourself grace. You can escape or you can elevate. Elevating just might look like adding a bit more positive self talk and grace as well as messy imperfect action. Kapeesh? Cool. Also how many times can I say grace in one paragraph? Ta ta for now, love. 

I hope this was helpful. XO.