Who Is The Best Version Of You?

If you’ve been around here before, you’ve heard me mention becoming the BEST version of you in every area of life, and how that is the key to a full and blissful life.

If you haven’t been around here before, HI! Welcome! Welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, to Illyria. I mean my blog! Here you’ll find all things recipes, a no rules approach to food and fitness, and all sorts of inspiration to live a full, blissful, and abundant life. With a joke or two.

Hey, while we’re at it, if you’re a self-growth junkie, need some inspiration, or are looking to find your best self mind, body, and soul, I wrote “To Kale And Back” just for you! Click here if you’re in the market for a new read!

Wowzer. My bad, got a little side tracked there didn’t I!? Back to discovering the absolute best version of you.

In the holistic health and life coaching world, we talk about the “areas of life.” There are a few different “areas” included for various professionals, and I want to share with you my “Big 4” areas of life. They are:

  • Health

(Self Care, Body Image, Fitness, Eating Style)

  • Relationships

(Family, Friendship, Romantic, Self-Love)

  • Spirituality

(Faith, Joy, Self Expression, Mindfulness)

  • Career & Money

(Budgeting, Education, Progression , Satisfaction)

I’ve included my sub-categories underneath as well to help you get a bit more specific in discovering what the best version of you might look like in each of these categories.

Take a few moments to write down and envision what your ideal version of you looks like in each area. When I was first introduced to this I found it easiest to listen to a guided meditation to help guide my thoughts to the highest version of myself. There are plenty on YouTube, or click here to download my free meditation - “Commit to Being Your Best Self.” It might be helpful to read this as well to discover more about what is important to you and what identifies a “full and blissful” life in your eyes.

With the downfall of comparison these days, it can be difficult to identify the difference between what you truly want, and what you think you should want. Be honest with yourself, know that YOU were created for a purpose, and that purpose leads you to living your most full, blissful, and abundant life. It will bring more happiness and joy than you could ever imagine. Don’t let yourself be the only thing standing in your way.

That’s it friends, I hope that was helpful for you in becoming clearer on who exactly you were born to be.

In my 6 week e-course, Thrive: Food, Fitness, and Life we take the holistic point of view. That means, we look to improve your health and fitness by look from a “whole life” point of view. Meaning we consider every single area of life so that the foundation of your healthiest body and mind propels you into living life as the absolute best version of you. Click here to see if it might be a great fit for you. Three cheers for that!



Diana Matuszak