What Really Matters

“How wonderful that the same God who created the mountains and the sea decided that the world needed one of you too?”

We weren’t created to wake up, go through the motions, pay some bills, maybe head to Disney once or twice, and then slide six feet under.

Each and every one of us was created for a unique and special purpose that only you can fulfill in the way He wanted you to.

You weren’t created to just be a pretty face to look at, a good body to admire, or the person everyone knows will do what they don’t want to...aka the human doormat who lets people walk all over her because she’s “too nice.”

You are special, you are unique, you have such a bright future ahead of you if you allow it.

You know that feeling when everything just feels good? Your energy is through the roof, you can feel the lightweight passion in your chest, you’re inspired, and it’s as if nothing in the world can bring you down? That’s called alignment.

Being in alignment with your higher self, or your inner being, is being in alignment with your soul’s mission in your life. Or, it’s being in alignment with God’s will for you.

Imagine living life in alignment with your life’s purpose, your energy and mood consistently being in that place of feeling so alive and inspired.

Emotionally, you were created to thrive. Spiritually, you were created to feel held and confident. Physically, you were created to be healthy and well.

I saw a blogger recently say that she was asked if she’d rather go back 5 years or forward 10, and I completely agree with her in answering that I’d much rather go forward 10 years. Life has a learning curve. We get to learn as we go, we get to discover what matters and what doesn’t, we get to learn our pathway to the most full, happy, adventurous life with nothing left undone, nothing unseen, and truly taking advantage of all of the beauty that He made for us. Learning to find bliss in Tuesday’s afternoon laundry, or Sunday’s sleep in and pancakes.

Day by day, year by year, we get more hints and guidance as to what our purpose is in life. He is constantly inspiring our minds, giving us hints, and showing us our path. Part of life is unlearning all of the fear based societal teachings “you need to look like this,” “you need to have this type of job if you want a lot of money,” “you’ll never make it as a _____,” “if he’s nice most of the time that’s all you can ask for” and re-learning His purpose for us. And lastly, learning to go after that purpose.

Step back and look at what you want in life right now. Maybe it’s a tighter body you know you can have but just don’t have it yet, a job you feel excited to wake up for, a soul mate partner to live life with if your heart is urging for it, the confidence to be yourself…realize that those things are part of His purpose for you. Those thoughts help get you closer and closer to that feeling of alignment in every single area so you can feel in your heart that you are carrying out His plan for you.

Fear has a way of creeping in and convincing you that you really do need that donut again because you’ve had a long week, you shouldn’t break up with him because who knows if you could find better, or why go after your passion when it might fail, keeping you stuck receiving more and more of what you no longer want.

True courage is listening to the fear, and going after it anyway. The only difference between those who are successful in reaching their goals and those who aren’t is that those who reach them don’t give up.

What life are you going to allow yourself to live?

Made ya think didn’t I?