#1 Thing to Turn a Bad Day Around

Last week I gave a few tips to get out of a funk. To me, a funk is where you just don’t feel yourself for a few days in a row. It is no fun no fun!!

But, we also have those days when you wake up feeling great and then all the sudden you’re not feelin’ so great anymore.

What if I told you there was just one simple thing you could do to turn that around?

Heck yeah, it can be that simple!

I’m not sure if you’re into the Law of Attraction or not, but my tip to turn a bad day around comes from the idea and teachings of the Law of Attraction.

In essence, what you focus on, is what you create in your life.

So, my absolute #1 tip to turn a bad day around is to, drum roll please…

Think a better thought.

Okay, I can hear you through the screen you’re like “wow, great tip Di why didn’t I think of that one myself.” And girl, I hear you! But hear me out.

So often when we want to “think a better thought” we think about how the situation that caused the bad day didn’t happen, or we want to go from tired and ornery, to blissful and patient. Well, friend, that’s like trying to learn how to skip before you can walk. See? I’m onto something aren’t I!?

When you notice yourself in a bad mood, ask yourself, what do I want to be feeling instead? Instead of trying to go from A to Z (frustrated about a bad work email you just received to the feeling you have when you get a bonus for hard work), what does A to B look like? And then B to C? Then C to D? Until you’re back to feeling where you were.

The power of perspective plays a heavy roll in this process. By analyzing where you’re at and recognizing what just one level up from that is, it may help you realize that your bad mood isn’t as bad is you felt.

You really do create your experience and the entirety of that power lies in what you think about. Choose to be happier. It is a choice we make from moment to moment.

Take an inventory of your thought process on a day to day basis. Are your thoughts mostly positive, optimistic, and looking for the bright parts of every situation? Or are they mostly negative, full of frustration, rushing through life only to wake up and do it all over again?

Don’t get me wrong friends, this is absolutely a process, and the people you think have their positivity pants on 24/7, they don’t. But what they do have that you may not is the ability to see what the positive side of any situation might be as well is the ability to find a piece of happiness in every single day, even the not so good ones.

Remember it’s a practice, your brain is currently wired for negativity, you have to actively work to alter those patterns. When you actively practice on a daily basis, your thought patterns will begin to shift, and you’ll be a master of going from Negative Nancy in the middle of a bad day to Positive Polly finding all there is to be grateful for.

My go-to methods for learning to shift my own thoughts and be in control of them instead of letting them control me are inspirational podcasts as well as inspirational self-growth books. Click here to scroll down to see a few of my favorite self-help books.

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I hope this gave you what you needed today, love.