The Key To A Fulfilling And Blissful Life

Sometimes my blogs are so deep, they hit you at your core in the middle of your soul, and sometimes my blogs are jokes about peanut butter with a hefty side of sarcasm.

I’ve been feeling pretty darn deep lately, we’re talking about the middle of the ocean deep, and I think you all need to hear it too.

I’ve been really contemplating the past couple of weeks what my purpose is with this platform, and my message. Obviously, I stand for all things wellness, balance, and thriving in food and fitness. Understanding nutrition, true wellness, and finding balance amongst your broccoli and ice cream cones is a key to living a long and prosperous life. I am so passionate about helping women find this for themselves. BUT I am so passionate about that because I see it as the foundation for becoming the absolute best version of you in every aspect, giving you the confidence to pursue your dreams and goals, and living a full and wonderful life.

Deeper than nutrition and fitness, my heart is screaming for me to show you the keys to finding abundance, finding bliss and joy in each and every day (yes, even a moment of it amidst the bad days), and living a life that you might even dream about right now. THAT is what’s important in life. I see too many people settling, letting fear of failure or other people’s opinions keep them from finding fulfillment in their days and acknowledgement for themselves. THIS seriously lights a fire under my bum.

My mission in life is to help YOU thrive. In food and fitness, but most importantly in life.

So how do you know what a full and blissful life looks like for you? Well, sister, let me help you out there.

When was the last time you took a step back and asked yourself what your values are? Or have you ever? Could you say that your day to day life is being conducted according to your values? A full, blissful, and joyous life requires living according to the things you find most important in life.

Alright, pause. It’s really easy to say you do these things, even convincing yourself you do, when you actually don’t. For example, health and wellness is a value of yours, but you consistently skip workouts or eat things you know make you feel horrible. See?

What are your values? The list of potential values is really really really really really long. I mean really long. But to get your creative juices flowing, here is a pretty hefty list to get you going:

  • Adventure

  • Achievement

  • Health

  • Fitness

  • Family

  • Friendship

  • Integrity

  • Humility

  • Money

  • Spontaneity

  • Dependability

  • Respect

  • Intelligence

  • Clever

  • Consistency

  • Efficiency

  • Commitment

  • Spirituality

  • And a heck of a lot more.

These often change as time goes by. Quite honestly, my top 3 values are:


2.Adventure/Joyous Life


Notice that health isn’t in the top 3. Well, I also highly value integrity, achievement, health and wellness, and many more. But, these other values I hold support my top 3. For example, I want to be the healthiest version of me so that I can live a long life for my family, so that I can have the energy and confidence to live a life of adventure, and to fulfill God’s plan for me. I make healthy decisions on a consistent basis in order to uphold my highest values. In the times when I fall weak and let the worst version of me win, I feel it hard. It’s one of the worst feelings because I know that it is not helping me be the best version of me, the best life partner for T, the best daughter for my parents, the best Aunt and sister for my sis and Stella, the best friend for the people who bring adventure and joy to my days. Because of that, making healthier choices becomes easier because it supports the good of everything apart from myself.

From this list, or any you may have come up with yourself, identify your top 3 values. Take a few minutes to write them down, and underneath each one ask yourself why that is one of your top 3. Continue further and notice which other values might be lower on your list but support your top 3.

Now, take a few minutes and write down the things you do on a day to day basis that supports these values. Next, take a few moments and notice things you do that do not support your values.

By now, I’m sure you have a pretty good idea of things that make you feel alive and happy, as these are generally in line with your values. Also, you probably have a pretty good idea of things that make you feel bad, or even awful. As for the things that make you feel bad, I assume you already knew what these were, but now you have a clearer idea of why they make you feel the way they do.

What is one thing you can commit to doing to live more in line with your values? Not 10, not 5, but 1. Commit to it and make it happen until it’s just what you do consistently. Only then, should you add another one. Rome wasn’t built in a day sister :)

If you’ve found that health, fitness, and wellness is either in your top 3, or a supporter of your top 3, and you’re looking for some support and guidance in that area. Well, friend, the 6 week e-course Thrive: Food, Fitness, and Life just might be the perfect fit for you. It may not, and that’s okay, there IS something out there for you. I encourage you to click here and find out a bit more about Thrive because you know what friend? It’s about darn time you live a life of joy, fulfillment, and alignment with the person you were born to be.



P.S. I know, that really was deep as the middle of the ocean deep wasn’t it?