Top 7 Healthy Habits

We all know what to do.

A little more broccoli, a little less Reese’s.

But its the HOW part that tends to be tricky. HOW to implement these healthy changes we so badly want to take to reach our goals. Whether it be aesthetic, confidence, energy, biologically and physically, or emotionally we are so ready to find change, but can't quite make it stick. 

So often the speed bumps in success are because of a lack of one or all of the following:

  • Consistency
  • Motivation
  • Sustainability

So I’ve rounded up 7 of my favorite healthy habits to help you get into ACTION and make this effort toward healthy fat loss and lifestyle change the last time, so you get results and keep them.

1. Morning Routine

Create a routine where you start your day in a positive and energetic light. A little less stress and rushing, a little more optimism. This could mean morning prayer, meditation, journaling, reading, exercise, podcasts, or a combination.

Click here and here to read a bit more about morning routines.

2. Focus on what you’re adding, not taking away

It’s so easy to be hyper focused on what we’re trying to stop, because we’ve been doing it for years.

No more mindless snacking after work? But what will I do with my life?

For every thing you want to take away, focus on TWO good things you are ADDING!

On the same token, think of all of the things you GET to eat, or you GET to do.

It’s a simple shift from a scarcity and negative mindset, to an abundant and positive mindset. One positive decision leads to another, before you know it it’s a habit!

3. Move daily, follow a plan

Movement releases the happy hormones, supports mental clarity and energy, stress relief, and so much more.

From a physical to emotional level movement is always a top tip for being healthy and well.

Try to incorporate some sort of movement every day (especially in those moments when you feel down or low energy).

If you thrive on routine, try finding a workout plan. Feel free to download my 21 day strength training plan here.

4. Read self-improvement

Y'all. This is BIG. S

elf-improvement books offer perspective, problem solving, and gets your creativity flowing.

If you’re looking to be the best version of you, learn from the experts!

Hey, sister. I think you’d LOVE my book, To Kale & Back.

Start here if you’re focusing on becoming the BEST version of you in every aspect of life.

5. Journal morning and night - keep track

Journaling in the morning can look different depending on the day.

It could look like a gratitude journal, possibly laying out your schedule, how you want to feel going through your day, what your perfect day would look like, a prayer, and so much more.

Evening journaling can look much the same. I like to journal gratitude, acknowledgement for how I showed up today, or what I want to improve tomorrow while evening journalling.

Journaling in this way helps you to understand your patterns, where you slip up, what causes low energy, stress, or a bad mood. AND it helps you notice what creates a great day, success, and positivity.

6. Take time to fill back up

You have to take time to recharge. If you’re constantly busy, on the go, working hard, you’re consistently depleting your energy.

It could be an hour a day, 30 minutes a day, an entire day on the weekend, whatever it looks like for you create time to recharge your batteries.

Guard that time like your life depends on it.

7. Take focus away from food

When you’re looking to create a healthier lifestyle it’s so easy to become hyper aware of food, even obsessed with it.

All this does is create a strong restrictive mindset, obsession over “good” or “bad” foods, and pre-occupation with control issues around meal time or your body.

When you take the focus away from food itself, and focus on noticing when you feel energized, strong, mentally clear, and all around GOOD that is when the results come. Nutrition knowledge and awareness is huge, but it’s easy to go too far.

In the e-course Thrive: Food, Fitness, & Life
I teach you how to know you’re fueling your body with exactly what it needs without having to constantly think about food and what you’re going to eat.

You might even pour more energy into relationships, hobbies, of other things that bring you joy to help your mindset be focused on your life as a whole, not just food and your body.

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