My Workout Clothes Must Haves

I walk into the store and see an adorable dress, say it’s $50, my mind is like “nah, you don’t need it.” I head to the workout section and my mind is like “$80 for workout leggings? You only have 50 pairs you definitely need these.” Anyone else?!

When it comes to workout clothes, I do invest in higher quality. With how much I wear them, and how much I sweat (I do not sparkle, I do in fact, sweat), it is SO worth it to invest in the good stuff.


My favorite brands are:

  • Lululemon (duh),
  • ACTA Fitness (recently renamed from "Kora Fitness"),
  • Zella, and
  • Nike
I find that I can get a lot out of cheaper workout tops from other places, but when it comes to leggings and sports bras I like to stick to my favorites!


Here are my favorite items that I wear weekly (okay sometimes a couple days in a row, don’t judge me).

canva acta seamless.png
canva lulu align.png

canva lulu dupes .png
kora crop hoodie.jpg
canva free to be serene .png
canva nike classic .png

For both ACTA items use code DianaM to save yourself 15%! Not only are their workout clothes so high quality, cute, and comfortable, but my favorite part about this brand is that their mission is to help you be the best version of you in and outside of the gym. Is that not perfectly aligned with me or what?! For every purchase you make, they donate a portion of the proceeds to bring fresh water to those in need, fight hunger, aid against child sex trafficking, and give to mental health awareness. You get new workout clothes, and you help someone in need at the same time. How stinking cool.

Caring for your workout clothes 

When it comes to caring for your workout clothes, be sure to read the tag.

I NEVER dry my workout leggings, especially Lululemon and ACTA.

I also try to not use fabric softener, because avoiding it helps keep their quality longer!

Happy shopping sister! Do you have any favorites I need to know about?!

Leave a comment and let me know!

XO, Di