6 Tips for Alcohol + Healthy Weight Loss

Can you actually find balance?

What’s the healthiest?

Can you lose weight and drink alcohol?

Can you have fat loss and still drink alcohol?

All of the above were questions I had when I first began my journey to my “dream body” back in college.

I have an all or nothing personality, but the biggest thing that put me down a dark and narrow path with alcohol wasn’t just my addictive personality. It was the countless “influencers and gurus” that were preaching “you cannot lose weight and drink alcohol,” “alcohol causes fat gain,” “you should not drink alcohol anymore.”

Hear and there I did see messages of “drink high quality, best types, learn your balance, limit it, how to prevent a hangover, find balance by getting back into routine the next day…” but they were so over-crowded by the messages of “stop this, this is ruining your fat loss,” blah blah blah.

Can you lose weight, make progress toward your dream body, and still drink alcohol? That is a question I asked over and over back when I first began my journey to my “dream body.”

I'm here to show you that yes, you can, if that's what you want. 

Let me share a bit more...

We all know that I went down a path that was not at all balanced, and didn’t work. It left me broken and in the worst place I’ve ever been.

Feel free to read more about that here and here. 

Before I knew it I had an intense fear of alcohol, cutting it out entirely. I did not believe I could find my “dream body” without stopping alcohol forever, whether I really wanted it or not.

The whole point of leading a healthy lifestyle and becoming the healthiest version of you mind, body, and soul is to live a more high quality of life, right?

What I wish I’d had back then was someone to tell me that balance CAN be found with alcohol.

Alcohol is kind of like less than nutritious foods. Do we need to limit them? For sure. Should we cut them out? Not necessarily.

In my opinion, this means saying yes to making changes you need to take. For example, saying goodbye to that Taco Bell run most of the time.

But saying goodbye to things you love like pancake Sundays, happy hour, and sweet potato fries for good? It’s not sustainable, it’s not fun, and it’s not worth it.

SO, Can you lose weight, make progress toward your dream body, AND still drink alcohol? Drum roll please!

Yes my dear. Yes, you can.

5 Simple steps to balanced drinking:

1. Hydrate.

  • You saw that one coming didn’t you? Not only does it minimize that pesky hangover, but it helps your body replenish during your indulgence as well. So you can wake up and be the normal you tomorrow.

2. Choose these high quality drinks.

Click here to view an easy to read graphic of your favorite drinks. From wine to beer to liquor, here is your list of great options!

3. Mix wisely!

Here is a list of my favorite low/no sugar mixers:

  • Bubbly
  • La Croix
  • Perrier
  • Ice (a flavored zero calorie drink)
  • Splash of grapefruit juice
  • Squeeze of lemon & lime (try both!!)
  • Muddled fruit and sparkling water.
  • Tonic water still has calories and sugar, opt for soda water instead.

4. Pick a number.

Before going out, determine the level of not so good you’re okay with feeling tomorrow! If you’re like me, I absolutely hate feeling even the slightest bit of a hangover. For me, this means only 1-3 drinks max per night. Stick to it!

5. Remember your why

I should have put this first, I always put this first!

Why do you want to commit to a healthy lifestyle? Why do you want to be the most fit version of you? Why do you want to be your best self?

How will that affect every other area of life?

What’s important about this for you?

You should be asking yourself this until you get to a feeling of happiness, peace, even tears. When you’re tempted to say screw it and forget about your 3 drink max, remember why you’re doing this. You can still have just as much fun without the drinks! I promise you!

To help you get clearer on this, I want you to ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you find yourself on the side of binge drinking?
  • Do you find yourself only feeling confident with a drink, or only being able to relax after a glass of wine?

Well, staying much further away from it for a period of time might be your most self-serving decision. You deserve confidence in yourself, by yourself. You deserve a life with limited stresses, and numerous outlets to relieve it. You are worthy of a life of happiness, true health and wellness, your best body and self, and everything you want in your life.

And, “Do you find yourself afraid of alcohol all for a body?”

Well, I know how you feel. Let me tell you, you only get one life to live. If drinking in moderation is something you truly want to do, know that you can and it will not prevent you from getting where you want to be. Just as with less than nutritious food, everything in moderation. If you find this especially difficult, click here and let’s have a conversation about it to help you make progress toward the very best version of you - mind, body, and soul!

6. Lean on your people.

Let your friends and family in on your goal to balanced drinking, or reducing drinking. They will be there to keep you accountable, and you just might inspire someone else to jump on the healthy lifestyle train with you!

I want to mention that there will be people who don’t support you. You may feel alienated or lonely. But I promise you that you will find your people, you will find like-minded babes you can love life with. You’re growing into the best version of you. Don’t let the fear of missing out or not being liked keep you from living the most amazing life you were created to live.

Email me
 or click here and let’s have a conversation about it if you don’t know where to turn, or it you don’t feel you have a support system. You can do it girl, you deserve to be your best life surrounded by people you lift you up.

I hope this helps you, and I hope you believe that you get to be in charge, that very best version of you is ready to shine. 

XO, Di