"Get the workout in" habit hacks!

Sometimes a week goes by and you're excited to get to the gym, your workouts are great, you feel amazing!

And then there are the times when working out is the absolute last thing on your list of things you want to be doing. I get you. 

It can be so hard to muster up the "you can do this, self" mantras to get your nikes on and follow through on the workout you told yourself you were going to do. 

For me? When these "I would much rather get nice and comfy on my couch and watch Vanderpump Rules, or sleep in an extra hour instead of workout" thoughts roll in, I squash 'em. That's because after years of working out regularly, I've made it a habit, and my patterning is to get the workout in regardless of the great excuses my creative mind comes up with. 

Below are the 5 things I've done to get myself to the gym regularly enough to make it a habit, so I no longer contemplate the "well Di, there could be traffic and you'll be gone way too long, we don't have time for that" load of trash! You've got this boo! 

1. Go to the gym

This is big for me. If I’m not feeling the gym, a lot of times just getting there, seeing other people killing their workouts is enough of a reminder that I can do it too. It’s one hour, and there’s nothing a little Cardi B can’t fix to get my energy up! And sometimes it’s not. BUT. A not so good workout is better than no workout at all (unless it’s rest day of course).

2. Lay it all out.

Lay out everything you need. I like to lay out my workout clothes the night before if it’s a morning workout, or lay them on the bed for later if it’s an after work workout. It serves as a reminder like this, “hey self, you believed in yourself when you put these workout clothes out, go make yourself proud!”

3. Schedule, schedule, schedule! 

Schedule it in like your life depends on it! My workouts get scheduled in like a doctor’s appointment, or like a meeting with Oprah would get penciled in. We just don’t cancel on doctors or Oprah, ya know? Click here to read my Sunday routine blog post that explains how I schedule my life for the week, and use it as a template to get those workouts in on the days I during the week!

Then stick to it like garlic smell sticks to your fingers, kapeesh?

4. Look good, feel good. 

Look cute. I know, I know. This is a controversial step. But “look good, feel good” holds so true for me. On days I’m not feelin’ it, I slip on one of my favorite workout outfits, match my shoes to my sports bra, and just the act of feeling like I have my s**t together makes me say to myself “well, sister, you’re in your cutest outfit, can’t waste it, better get to the gym.” Don't underestimate the power of a cute gym outfit, friends. 

5. Dance party playlist.

Find the playlist that wakes up the inner "get sh*t done" inside of you. Maybe it's Cardi B, maybe it's Eminem, it doesn't really matter as long as you find your playlist! Get that playlist going and start listening to it while you’re getting dressed! Let the music uplift your mood, get excited to have an hour or so to just focus on yourself with a dance party playlist! 

Now, friends. Obviously these aren't my deeper, more intrinsic methods for finding motivation every day. These are my little less than scientific hacks (for more scientific and intrinsic, click here and here) to get myself from “I just want to watch Vanderpump rules on the couch” to “it’s gym time, better make the most of it!”

Give them a try for yourself! Remember, not every workout is going to be a great workout, but showing up for yourself will ALWAYS be a win.

Do this consistently and soon going to the gym will be just as much a part of your day as brushing your teeth. Unless that's not a habit for you, in which case, call me sister.