5 Things to do on Sunday for the most productive week ever!

“A Sunday well spent brings a week of content” is one of my favorite quotes!

I 100% am a believer in that theory that when Sunday goes well, the rest of the week is bound to go well as well.

If you haven’t noticed, I have quite a type A personality, so if I don’t use my Sunday to set up the week ahead, well shootsky sister, I am setting myself up for overwhelm!

My perfect (using that word loosely ;) ) Sunday includes a mix of preparation, getting organized, and FUN! Click here to download my Sunday Success Checklist.

So let’s get into it, shall we? My go-to Sunday checklist for the most productive week ever!

1.Have fun

This is a doosey. We spend so much time during the week “adulting,” and making sure everything that needs to be done is done it is so important to be sure that we are always prioritizing fun as well. This might also be included under the umbrella of “self love.” Sometimes my fun is sitting by the pool, cooking an extravagant dinner or dessert, having a bubble bath, or carving out some time to reach a book. Whatever “fun” looks like to you, be sure it’s prioritized. Hey, Sunday funday is a thing for a reason, okay?!

2. Schedule the week

Oh this is MAJOR key. Major my friends.

I wake up around 6:30am every Sunday to plan out my week. This way, I know if there is anything pressing I need to have accomplished today in order to have the most productive week ever. I wake up so early so that I don’t feel like I’m “wasting” my funday time planning my week. BUT don’t feel like you need to do that. I share that tip because it may help you actually follow through with doing it. If that sounds like walking over a beach of hot lava rocks with care feet then by all means, don’t do it!

How I do this is also a major contributor to why it brings the most productive week ever. My Scheduling the week routine looks a bit like this:

  • Write EVERYTHING down. From work to-dos, to errands, to household chores, to meeting up with your friends. Write. It. ALL.
  • Write down next to each item how long you think it will take you.
  • Next to the time allotment, write down which day you would like to do each item.
  • Next, break out that pen and planner or google planner. I’m a writer downer. If it’s not written down, it’s not happenin’. If I haven’t been screaming Type A, well, hold onto your britches.
  • Color code. Yep, I color code my schedule to know what needs to be prioritized and what doesn’t.
  • Write it down by the hour. Here’s the kicker. I used to simply write down which tasks need to be completed on which day. Not to my surprise, I schedule 36 hours of work into a 6 hour time period. Whoopsy daisy. So, sister. To. the. Hour. This way you’re assured that each days schedule is realistic, not overwhelming, and productive as ever!
  • Bonus: make sure each day has space. Scheduling your day to the minute with zero potty breaks, no time to eat, and zero time to relax is quite the opposite of productive (speaking to myself here!!). One of my non-negotiables is time in the evening to let my mind rest. Be sure to include your version of that as well!

3. Plan your meals and shop

You thought I was going to say meal prep didn’t you?! Psych! Well, maybe. When I worked my corporate job, I did meal prep for the sake of time. Click here to read the post on how I meal prepped without filling my refrigerator with 57 tupperware containers and without the bland, tasteless, mushy food come Thursday.

Every Sunday I peruse through my cookbooks, Pinterest, and my own recipes to find 5 dinner meals (Sunday through Thursday) that sound healthy, and delish.

I like to write down which meal will be for which day (depending on time availability and schedule) to make sure I’m grabbing meat out of the freezer if need be, etc.!

Write down every ingredient you need for each dinner recipe (don’t forget to check and see what you already have to prevent over-buying!).

For each dinner, I plan to make 2 servings for Tyler and me. So I buy enough ingredients to make 4 servings for the 2 of us. The following day we eat the leftovers for dinner! This way we still get a good variety. If you don’t get to cook a fresh dinner every night, that’s okay! Refer to my meal prepping blog post, here to see how to meal prep for variety without taking the time to cook fresh every day.

As for breakfast and snacks, we tend to love the same few things. Be sure you have all of the ingredients in house and restock on what you need!

Head to the grocery store and stock up! I find this method really helps me in not buying things we don’t need or over-stocking on things we already have.

4. Clean Up - & schedule it

I like to use Sundays to do a quick clean up. Laundry, cleaning the kitchen, and cleaning the bathrooms. Spending all day Sunday cleaning is just no my cup of latte (see what I did there? ;) ), so I like to also plan other household chores for days later in the week.

A fresh and clean environment makes me feel like I really have my life together. Kind of like when your underwear matches your outfit, ya know?

There are actually studies out there that prove when your environment is clean and tidy you actually have the mental capacity to make better decisions for work, family, and your health and wellness. So I’m not joshin’ ya on this one. Give it a whirl!

Happy tidying!

5. Get outside


Okay. Disclaimer. When I lived in the tundra that is Traverse City, MI or South Bend, IN, I did not do this during those frigid as heck make you want to cry it’s so cold days. BUT as soon as it became bearable, you bet your buttons I got out there for a nice walk.

In the fall, spring, and summer months this is a non-negotiable. Whether it be a brisk walk around the neighborhood, walking downtown, or sitting by the pool or beach. It becomes a bit harder during the week to enjoy the sunshine so be sure to soak it up on the weekend!

That’s all friends! I hope this was oh so helpful for you and I can’t wait to hear how much your weeks improve with this simple Sunday routine! Click here to download my Sunday Success Checklist. Be sure to email me or leave a comment below so I can hear how this goes for you!