Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

It’s the last of the wedding posts beautiful people! 

For the first two wedding posts, click here for the wedding weekend recap, and here for the wedding details that made our wedding unique. If you’re like me, you’ll LOVE them because they’re packed with pictures; the best part!

If you’ve been around here a while now, you know that my outlook on things like “sweating for the wedding” and such are all around the goal of being the best version of you as a whole when you’re walking down the aisle. I wrote an entire article for Bridal Guide about it, here. I have nothing against aesthetic goals or wanting to lose a few pounds as long as it’s with the goal of being the person you know you were born to be. Maybe you feel you’re not reaching your full potential, you’re always cranky, or you don’t have the energy you wish you did, you’re too stressed and take it out on the people around you, etc. If you’re looking to be happier, have more energy, and to enter the rest of your life with your person as the best you can be, well why wouldn’t you right? With a healthy and balanced approach, keeping wellness and true health the focus, it’s amazing! 

Anywho, my whole outlook on the “look” was the way I wanted to feel on our special day. 

Maybe you can relate to this if you feel like you’ve found “the one” or have already married that special person. But I truly feel like I was 100% whole and complete on my own before we started our relationship (lots of hard work there, click here for more about that), but coming together feels like a dream. It’s not perfect of course, we argue, we don’t agree sometimes, but I wouldn’t change a thing. He’s everything I’ve prayed for and more. I really wanted to feel like this best version of me and the best I can be for him and our relationship for the rest of our lives in the dress I chose.

The dress I ended up going with felt so “me.” I initially wanted something more like a mermaid style, and a little lacey. Honestly I didn’t feel “bridal” enough in any of these. I think Tyler actually thought that’s what I was going to choose because my Pinterest board was so full of them! After trying a few styles on, I realized I loved the A-line dresses. When else can you dress up like a princess and own the big breath-taking dress?! 

My sister and best friend were the ones that picked out my dress, actually. And at first I said no and the attendant took it back!! They encouraged me to put it on and when I did...nothin’, I was not in love. Not your typical wedding dress try on story huh?! The attendant added the belt, I saw the back, we added a cathedral veil and headpiece and I fell in love with it. Seeing the whole picture I felt like “me” and the person I strive so hard to be for T. The best version of me is elegant, romantic, and she shines from the inside out. This dress was timeless and romantic, elegant and classic. It was one of the “I wore the dress” instead of “the dress wore me” type of moments. I feel like I’m babbling a bit, but do you see what I mean?! The dress was more than a Pinterest board to me and I think this dress and the whole look really showed that. 

We actually went to Kleinfeld in New York to look for a dress and it was an absolute dream! Joan, from “Say Yes To The Dress” took my measurements and I felt so special, hehe! 


So, my “somethings”:

  • Something Old - My Mom’s earrings and a ring Dad gave me a few years ago

  • Something New - The dress 

  • Something Borrowed - My sister’s veil 

  • Something Blue - A piece of one of my Dad’s blue shirts cut into a heart that I kept in my pocket 



Then for T, he initially was going to wear a traditional black tux. His thought process around wearing his Mess Dress was “you’re marrying me, not my job” Cue the *awe*!! Tyler’s worked his whole life for that uniform, so it really was such a selfless thought. But the truth is, that uniform really is a part of him. Since we were in second grade I knew that Tyler was the guy that was going to become a fighter pilot. Tyler worked so stinking hard for that uniform. His drive, his passion, his motivation, his dedication, and his commitment to being the person he was created to be are all things that made me fall in love with him. His uniform is a symbol of those things. I didn’t marry “Tyler the Air Force Officer,” but I married “Tyler, the driven, hard working, compassionate, sweet, handsome man.” There’s just something about looking back at pictures of Dad, or Grandpa in their uniform, you know? My LORD did he look good!! 


Flower Girl, Bridesmaids, Groomsmen

I found our flower girl’s dress on Etsy, here, and it was absolutely gorgeous! So delicately made, and perfect for our theme of romantic and traditional. We opted for her to carry a single rose, and a sign that read “Uncle Ty, we’re cleared for takeoff.”

And, friends. Oh my gosh. If you’ve been around a while you’ve seen Stella. She is my three year-old sassifrass of a niece and she is absolutely stunning. She stole the show by running up and giving Tyler a hug after doing such a great job walking down the aisle! She definitely showed me up that day and I am not mad! How did we manage that? There may have been cookies involved, she loves attention, and she’s just the most adorable niece there ever was. 


Our bridesmaid dresses were Adrianna Papell, and the ones you’ve seen floating around Pinterest left and right! But friends, they were gorgeous! I also gave my bridesmaids adorable floral robes from Plum Pretty Sugar. I may or may not have stolen my sisters from her because I love it so much! 


The groomsmen who weren’t military wore a classic black tux with a satin lapel. I’m a sucker for a romantic and traditional wedding and friends I think these really tied that together! 


The Gifts 

I also wanted to tell you a bit about our wedding gifts to each other! 

My gift to Tyler isn’t necessarily unique or earth shattering. But in the process of putting it all together I had such a strong realization of how much of an incredible influence Tyler has been on my life.  I’m tying this into the “wedding look” topic because I gave him this gift because of the way he makes me feel every day, similar to why I chose the dress I did. 

He’s helped me become more confident in myself. 

He’s helped me realize that life is a gift, and living in the moment is the key to finding bliss and happiness. 

He’s shown me what true love is supposed to feel like. 

He’s taught me that singing in the morning is a must, especially really old cheesy songs that come out of nowhere and get stuck in your head all day!! 

I could go on for days about him, but I’ll leave it at the fact that he’s truly brought my life to life, if that makes sense?

My wedding gift to Tyler was a boudoir photo book. When I say it’s nothing unique, I say that because I’m sure you’ve seen this idea floating around the interwebs (Pinterest I’m lookin’ at you) for quite some time. I mean, what guy doesn’t want a whole book full of nearly nakey photos of his wife?! Sorry, Mom! 

But in the process of putting it together it turned into so much more than that. 

It turned into a thank you for making me feel beautiful all done up, or no makeup and messy hair. It was a thank you for making me feel like the only woman he can see. It wasn’t about looking perfect, with perfect abs, and the most defined body ever. It was celebrating my body now, just the way it is, because he’s helped me love it too, lack of six pack and all. He’s helped me be the best version of me inside and out, and I think this really showed that.

Okay, hold up. I was just thinking…you know he probably doesn’t see it as deeply as me..hehe!! But I’m a deep thinker, we know that, and I definitely see it as so much more than just some sexy photos.

Also, pro-tip: if your friend is a photographer, blast Lizzo throughout the house, have her take them, and you know, tequila never hurt anybody! 

If you’ve thought about doing one too, regardless of how you feel your body “looks,” I encourage you to go for it. Not only will he thank you (duh), but you’ll be so glad you did. 


And sister, friends! His gift to me! SO STINKING CUTE! I love. He insists that he’s bad at gift giving but I couldn’t disagree more! 

He got me an “Adventure Challenge” book, couples edition. It’s a book of “scratch off” dates. The idea is it shows you how long it takes, how much it costs, and what time of day you should do it. Then you scratch it off, go on the fun date (which a lot of them can be done at home...think blindfolded pie making!), and take a polaroid picture during it to put in the book! How stinking cute is that?! 

Well, friends. That’s it for wedding stories! I hope you enjoyed the little recaps and photos! 



Wedding Photography by: Scarlett Piedmont

Boudoir Photography by: Katie Rae Bode