3 Ways To Use Social Media For More Happiness

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“Your life isn’t yours if you care what others think.” 

Another Motivation Monday comin’ at you beautiful people! I hope you all have been loving these posts as much as I do. I recently ran a little poll on Instagram asking what kind of Instagram posts you like seeing from me most. A majority of you said you enjoyed my deeper motivation/inspiration style posts. Which was a relief because that’s the way my brain works! Short caption? Can’t. Anywho, I’d love to hear if you’re liking these as well, or what type of motivation you’re looking for right now! Leave me a comment, love!

Today we’re diving into using social media for more happiness. Di...have you completely lost your marbles? Social media is like the big hairy monster of comparison and “I’m not good enough” isn’t it? 

NO SISTER FRIEND. No it’s not. It totally can be, and is for a lot of people which really makes me sad. But I wholeheartedly believe in the power of social media for good. As a ‘grammer and blogger myself I may be a little biased...but stick with me here okay sis? 

I’m all about good clean foods and exercise, we know this. But that’s because I know that that only propels you into living a happier, more fulfilled, exciting, purposeful life. That is the ultimate goal. A huge part of this happier life is having a healthy outlook on yourself, your life, your decisions, you know - real life stuff. 

Where do you find yourself on the spectrum of Social Media? On a scale of “I suck” to “Ima become the next Oprah,” how does it make you feel? 

The goal is to be closer to Oprah...did I have to remind you of that? Well, I did. Maybe it’s not a full Oprah at all times, but 7 - Oprah 99% of the time. 

  1. Do a quick self-audit 

Are you exceptionally hard on yourself for certain things? There are two ways I want to look at this. First, is it valid? Are there areas in your life you need to finally give yourself some tough love and go through the uncomfortable process to make a change? For example, feeling bad about yourself for going through the drive through again when you promised yourself you’d do more home cooking. Or maybe you’re too critical, causing unnecessary stress and insecurity. For example, speaking hate to yourself when you see your stretch marks that came in the process of birthing a little baby. Carefully notice when you get self-critical and why. Is it time to make a change? Or is it time to find a little compassion? 

Social media can cause the self-hate talk through comparison or jealousy. But it can also help in making your necessary changes. You can follow accounts, listen to podcasts, or watch YouTube videos that are full of motivation with people being real, honest, and supportive about the process of change. There is a difference between someone with abs who preaches chicken, broccoli, and no days off and a truly healthy person with a rockin’ bod and a killer healthy mindset too. Be sure you’re honoring that difference. Same goes for lifestyle accounts that never mention real life things, making you feel like you’re missing out or your life isn’t as cool.

2. Flood your feed 

Flood your feed with the light bringers. Follow people who truly inspire you to live a better life. They might inspire you to find more happiness in the little things, encourage you to go after your dreams, to stand up for what you believe in, bring you closer to God or whoever you call God, to stop letting fear hold you back, to take care of yourself better, etc. Find the people who do that for you, the people whose voice you really hear and find the courage to take action with. These people should broaden your own way of thinking or view of the world around you. I’ve found that this type of creator tends to be vulnerable and real. They tell you how it is, they don’t sugar coat it. They give you plenty of tips and tricks and examples of how they’ve overcome struggle themselves. They share their own insecurities, difficulties, and life in hopes to inspire you to go through the hard things and come out stronger on the other end. Sure this isn’t every single post, but they let you in every now and then to show you that, “hey sis, we’ve all been there, you got this.” Every time you go to scroll through Instagram, you’re left feeling inspired and energized rather than losing the comparison game and depleted. 

3. See ya later 

I’m going to relate this to the nutrition and fitness world because I think it’s most easily seen there. Say, you’re working hard to change your lifestyle, get healthier, lose weight, ect. So you flood your feed with people who compete in fitness for a living, they only eat chicken and broccoli, they never drink, they don’t have a great social life, they spend way more time than the average person in the gym. But, it’s important to you to keep your social life, learn to change your way of eating to a way you see yourself sticking to forever (ahem...highly recommended…), you only have 30 minutes a day to go to the gym, and going out for a sushi date with your manfriend is the highlight of your week. That feed is probably going to cause a lot of “I should…” or “I shouldn’t…”. Well, sister friends. It is 100% possible to reach your health/aesthetic goals AND still enjoy all of those things, sans strict chicken and broccoli diet. 

Instead, follow people who inspire you to be the version of you you’re trying to be. Maybe these people keep a good workout schedule, cook healthy meals during the week, but never miss out on that sushi date or nights with friends. 

Follow only people you see as role models, who inspire you, and who make you feel like you can be the absolute best version of you. 

While we’re on this topic, I want to circle back to number one. There may be people that reflect to you things or habits that you’re not proud of in yourself. They may be very inspiring to you but they trigger you into the rabbit hole of self-criticism. There is a “mute” button where you can actually stop seeing their posts until you un-mute them. Maybe it’s time you be real with yourself and start taking the steps to change those habits you’re not proud of. In the meantime, focus on what inspires and motivates you to change, and minimize triggers of self-hate. Build your self-acceptance muscle instead of the self-hate and make those changes happen, sis. 

It’s all a choice. You can choose to see it is a negative. You can choose to see it as something to compare yourself to and find reason to believe you’re not good enough, your life is boring, or you’ll never get to live the way so-and-so is living. Or, you can choose to flood your feed with positivity, inspiration, motivation, and people who make you feel empowered and excited about life. They empower you to take massive messy action in your own life.

I’m mostly talking about Instagram here, but you can apply this to Podcasts, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and any other form of social media you use. 

I want to leave you with a few people that bring light and inspiration to my feed to spread the positivity with you! 

Olivia Rink 

Sarah’s Day and her podcast The Health Code


Lauren Gleisberg

My passion with this platform is to help you create, and provide you with the resources, to create more happiness, motivation, and positivity in your life. From the bottom of my heart I hope I provide the light for you every now and again :) 



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