Sunday Success Checklist

Sunday Success Checklist


A sunday well spent brings a week of content. For all of my list makers and organization junkies.

Print this list and complete the oh-so-satisfying checking off of each item to set yourself up for a week of productivity, cleanliness, and best of all peace and happiness by getting just a few things set up before the M word.

This is all about saving you time and energy so you can make space for fun during the week, and best of all relaxing or adventuring on the rest of your Sunday.

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A Sunday well spent brings a week of content. If you're like me, your Type A personality runs through your blood thick and determines whether or not you're living in overwhelm city of productivity and bliss. Every Sunday I'm sure to do these 5 things to make set myself up for the most productive week! If you haven't yet, read the full blog post on it  here, and be sure to download and print this checklist to keep yourself on track!